Aircraft types that I have flown

I was asked to fill out a form showing the aircraft that I have flown and it turned out to be a longer list than expected…

  1. 8KAB (Decathlon)
  2. AA5 (Grumman Tiger)
  3. AC95 (Twin Commander 1000 turboprop)
  4. B200 (King Air 200 turboprop)
  5. B206
  6. B505 (new Jet Ranger)
  7. BE36
  8. BE55
  9. BE58
  10. BE103 (Beriev twin-engine seaplane!)
  11. C172
  12. C182
  13. C210 (in southern Africa)
  14. C310 (crazy noisy!)
  15. C510 (Cessna Mustang jet)
  16. CJ3
  17. CL65 (Canadair Regional Jet)
  18. COL4 (Columbia 400/Cessna 400)
  19. DA20 (Diamond Katana)
  20. DA40 (Diamond Star)
  21. EMB-500 (Phenom 100 jet)
  22. Evolution (experimental turboprop)
  23. Gamebird GB1
  24. HK36 (motor glider)
  25. M20T (turbocharged Mooney)
  26. PA12 (Piper Super Cruiser… on floats!)
  27. PA28
  28. PA32
  29. PA34
  30. PA38 (with a very slender student!)
  31. PA44
  32. PA46 (Malibu; the dream family airplane as long as one can get a letter from God promising that the engine won’t quit)
  33. PC12
  34. R22
  35. R44
  36. R66
  37. SGS 2-32 (glider)
  38. SGS 2-33 (glider)
  39. SR20
  40. SR22
  41. TBM850

Adding to this blog so that the information doesn’t get lost. I was thinking that it would be good to put the favorites in bold, but I realized that at least half of the above aircraft would need to be marked. Most of them have at least some great characteristics.

The list would be a bit longer if I included variants, e.g., the turboprop versions of the PA46, the retractable version of the PA28, or the turbocharged version of the SR22.

Despite FAA English proficiency requirements for certificate holders, I am having some trouble understanding this new copilot. I think that he is complaining about the lack of A/C in the Cirrus:

11 thoughts on “Aircraft types that I have flown

  1. Who cares about the list of aircraft types that you have flown.

    We finally know that Philip Greenspun == Han Solo

    • I need to do a full review on the GameBird. It is crazy fun! It is no louder inside than a Cirrus SR20 despite the higher airspeeds. Fantastic view. Way more comfortable than the Decathlon, though I’m not sure about the seating position for hours and hours (i.e., not sure if it can be a replacement for the Cirrus for Boston/NY or Boston/DC). Maybe an aerobatic Bonanza is the right airplane for the elderly aerobatic pilot! Also, the GameBird does not yet have an autopilot, I don’t think.

      I am not a fan of the Evolution. Maybe if I had some yoga lessons before trying to get into the right seat from the single door. The door latching mechanism is not really up to the challenge of a pressurized aircraft (I think they may have fixed it, but popping open in flight was not uncommon). Putting only four seats behind a million-dollar PT6 is not my idea of brilliant engineering. I would rather have a 20-year-old TBM (admittedly the maintenance cost will be 5-10X and the hangar costs will be 2-3X) for the same price or an elderly Piper Meridian for a lot less. Maybe even a Mitsubishi MU-2 would be preferable! At least passengers wouldn’t be staring at mandatory “You are probably going to die” placards.

    • You should see the stack of $100 bills that I got from women at Burning Man, gladly paying me to put my shirt back on. (It is supposedly a gift economy, but I guess some people carry cash for emergencies.)

  2. off topic but fun: I found it funny that Trump recently pulled a big “Phil” move to kindly deliver all of the migrants to Sanctuary cities – and they all turned it down! LOL!

  3. Great list and thanks for the GB comments (I have T-34 time – it is not the answer for aging aero). My list overlaps on 14. I was most surprised at no S-300, F-28 or any gliders.

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