Elderly Democrats Discuss Joe Biden’s Candidacy

I tend to visit the gym at hours when the only other patrons are less than 5 or over 65. The other day, two Medicare-eligible gentlemen were discussing (in moderately strong Boston accents) the 2020 Presidential campaign.

  • Democrat 1: “Joe Biden has to keep his hands off the young women if he wants to stay in the race.”
  • Democrat 2: “I thought that was the whole point of being a politician.”
  • Democrat 1: “What is he? 77? He’ll never be able to keep up with the young ones.” [Biden is actually only 76]
  • Democrat 2: “You’ve got to hand it to Donald Trump [72]. The guy has a lot of energy.”

Readers: Why would voters want to elect Biden? He was born in November 1942 so he’d turn 79 during his first year in office, right? And be 82 when running for reelection?

6 thoughts on “Elderly Democrats Discuss Joe Biden’s Candidacy

  1. Maybe he could run on a ticket with energetic AOC or one of the perky antisemites from the Midwest, Omer or the one from Michigan — then their average age would be around 55 and that sounds about right.

  2. Some people think that the Democrat Party has been taken over by unelectable crazies, and they only like Biden to the extent that they think that he can beat Trump.

  3. Those retirees need to hug teenage girls more often–just like Joe does.
    Be presidential: just hug them! You may get a rare chance to beat a brute Trump who advised to grab them by the p***y.

  4. With the president, it’s not like you’re choosing someone to manage your family business. The president doesn’t actually have to do anything. All you want is someone who ideologically meshes with you and who will pick good managers, cabinet people, etc., to run things. The president just has to wake up from time to time to make sure his people are doing what he wants.

    Running the U.S. is important enough that I’m not sure I’d care if he was a serial murderer, as long as he’s sworn of the murder for the duration.

    For an old guy, you also look at the vice president.

    Biden’s problem is he seems to have no fixed compass. He seems bewildered by the current political landscape and is reacting by saying random “woke” slogans. Who knows what the he’ll he would do if surrounded by millennial.

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