Friends weigh in on Dorco versus Gillette

An MD neighbor had the temerity to put a Trump sign on his lawn back 2016 (error swiftly corrected by righteous neighbors) so I thought it was safe to bring him a Dorco Pace 7 as a gift to free him from supporting Gillette’s campaign for gender justice. Recent text message, appended to a geriatric tennis invitation:

By the way, I like the Dorko [sic] razor very much. It gives a much closer shave than my Gillette. Thank you for introducing it to me.

I had purchased four Pace 7s to give away. From another recipient:

Dorco gives best shave I’ve ever had.

Whether spelled “Dorco” or “Dorko”, I hope that we can all agree this company has suffered in the marketplace due to its name!


4 thoughts on “Friends weigh in on Dorco versus Gillette

    • I did. I have also tried the Dorco 5, which comes with a lightweight handle (thus complicating A/B testing), and liked that one less than the 6 and 7. Maybe more blades actually is better!

  1. When I tried Dorco about four years ago there were quality control issues. The ones that were fine were about on par with Gillette, but about every fifth one would get a ragged edge after only a few shaves. Maybe they’ve fixed that.

    Proraso shaving soap is dramatically better than the creams or foams. For me using it or not is more important than which of the modern razor brands, which are mostly “ok”. I always wound up coming back to Gillette mach3/fusion because over a few months I’d bump into the aforedescribed quality control issue.

    • The blades so far have all been consistently great. I’m not convinced that the handle-to-cartridge attachment system is as reliable and durable as Gillette. But a new handle bundled with two Pace 7 cartridges is about $5 with the coupon codes that Dorco mails out every day or two.

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