Who will be the Marie Kondo for gun enthusiasts?

“ATF seizes more than 1,000 firearms at Los Angeles mansion” (The Hill):

Girard Damien Saenz, 56, was arrested and is expected to be charged with possessing, selling and manufacturing assault weapons, according to the LAPD.

Helicopter footage showed agents organizing the cache of more than 1,000 firearms removed from the home, laid out along the driveway.

Officials told ABC 7 out of Los Angeles that the weapons were found cluttered all around the home.

(emphasis added)

For those who love guns, perhaps there could be a Kondo-style business in which each of the 1,000 guns is handled and the owner asks “Does this semi-automatic rifle spark joy?”


4 thoughts on “Who will be the Marie Kondo for gun enthusiasts?

  1. You just know there’s someone else who has a Los Angeles mansion packed to the rafters with sex toys. The FBI should hook the two of them up with the guy who has the mansion full of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs plus the fellow who has a basement full of fireworks. They can all have one big going away party.

    Why doesn’t anyone ever find someone with a house full of helicopters?

    It doesn’t sound to me like he was enjoying his firearm collection very much, though. What a terrible way to treat them.

  2. I’ve done just that, and found several which did not spark joy and promptly sold them. Life’s too short to have a bunch of guns you don’t enjoy shooting.

    Anyone interested in a CZ512 .22lr semi automatic rifle? Nice gun, just doesn’t spark enough joy to take it to the range.

  3. “Rabbi Chaim Mentz, a nearby neighbor, told the outlet that he was stunned by the discovery.

    “I would never, ever think anybody would be wanting to pack so much in this neighborhood. It scares the wits out of you,” Mentz said”

    One guy can only fire one or two of the weapons at once, so no real threat there. Also, 1000 guns and thousands of rounds of ammo? Sounds to me like he was light on ammo. If he wanted to start trouble, he’d probably have a thousand rounds per firearm. there’s a good chance that he didn’t have any ammo for some of the collectables.

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