Showing one’s deep humanity by comparing Mexicans to German Nazis

From a virtuous Facebook user:

The administration’s shameful all out war on refugees and asylum seekers continues. International refugee and asylum law – the right to cross a border if you have a legitimate fear of persecution – came about as a result of the holocaust. Imagine if in 1939 there was a policy called “Remain in Germany?”

(As the Facebooker’s paycheck is derived from the river of tax dollars devoted to settling refugees in the U.S., it is fortunate that Donald Trump’s “all out war on refugees and asylum seekers” does not include any interruption in the federal cash supply to the refugee and asylum-seeker
non-profit organization for which this guy works.)

The above posting sounds righteous, but if we think about it for another 15 seconds we have to notice that he is comparing Mexico today to Germany circa 1939, near the very height of Adolf Hitler’s popularity with German voters.

Given that Mexican taxpayers are shouldering a substantial burden caring for the caravans of Central Americans drawn to the magnet of the U.S. welfare state, is it fair to compare Mexicans and Mexico to Nazis and 1930s Germany?

7 thoughts on “Showing one’s deep humanity by comparing Mexicans to German Nazis

  1. Perhaps the Facebook user is unaware that the asylum seekers aren’t coming from Mexico? Most of the allegedly pro-immigrant Democrats of today didn’t care at all about immigrants until the last year of the Obama administration, so it’s possible that this user is just regurgitating “orange man bad” talking points and actually doesn’t know anything at all about the subject.

    • He is employed within the Migrant Industry (“Big Migration”?), so I think he should be more knowledgeable about the human flows and the cash flows than the average American. The article he cited in his post mentions “Central American migrants” and says “Mexican officials have said that while they disagree with the policy, which they have described as a unilateral decision by the Trump administration, they would accept the asylum seekers, protect their rights and allow them to lawfully remain in Mexico while their cases wind through the American courts.”

      So anyone reading the linked-to article ( ) would infer that the asylum-seekers are not Mexican (otherwise there wouldn’t be any question regarding their right to remain in Mexico).

  2. I’m pretty sure that the original intent is to compare Honduras and the other origin countries with Nazi Germany (still an overreach, but less so). Assuming the post is referring only to the last border crossed is a bit of a straw man argument.

    • You guys have no heart! How dare you invite desperate migrants to a country whose leader is like Hitler, whose majority party is all Nazis, and whose largest ethnic group are white supremacists?

      The migrants are advised to stay in Mexico since their president is a well-known socialist and was voted in based on his political ideals.

  3. The Nazis killed over 17 million Jews [1] under Hitler’s ruling, how many did our new cruel immigration policy under our fuhrer Trump killed?

    Comparing the Nazis to Trump’s immigration policy not only shows how out of touch this person is, it also demoralizes the holocaust victims.


    • The Holocaust (or other historical events) is of no use and no consequence to true Socialists. That’s why the Khmer Rouge had this brilliant idea of Year Zero.

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