Gender Bending Fashion show at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

If you need help completing your summer wardobe, our Museum of Fine Arts has a “Gender Bending Fashion” show through August 25.

Not sure what “Nonbinary” or “Genderqueer” mean? There’s a glossary placard:

Ready for inspiration next time you visit Amazon Fashion?

After you exit, there is helpful restroom tutorial:

5 thoughts on “Gender Bending Fashion show at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

  1. Women dressing like men are erotic & dominant. Men dressing like women are hard on the eyes. There is a natural human attraction to dominance & repulsion from submissiveness. Never heard of any women being attracted to men in women’s clothing, except during a campaign speech.

    • > Never heard of any women being attracted to men in women’s clothing
      Does it really matter? do those men even care?

  2. Aaaaaannnnd, the Boy and Girl Scouts of America take a trip to the Art Museum! [badump bump cymbal crash] I guess that’s not a joke any more. Nothing is funny anymore, we know. It’s all really serious now.

    I couldn’t make it to the MFA, but today I *was* at a local Wal-Mart to grab some nonbinary Fructis Shampoo and Sleek-N-Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioner Cream. This put me in the hair care section with a mix of products suitable for any and all gender identities. Does that count? or is Wal-Mart too Deplorable Prole? I also snagged a 40-pack of 1/2 liter bottled water for $3.98! Ten cents a bottle! No pH strips needed or wanted, and I didn’t even have to signal my virtue. The cashier knew it was honest-to-God dihyrogen monoxide and didn’t need any fancy proprietary processes!

    Circling back around to the MFA, I’ve heard all the vocabulary (what you show is barely the Cliff’s Notes and doesn’t include any colorful slang!) so I’ll probably just skip the Gender Bending Queer Theory/Intersectionality Social Justice Fashion Show. It’s old news to me, about 20 years, having once lived in the largest gay neighborhood in the midwest (at least so it was billed at the time).

    @lion: “…Never heard of any women being attracted to men in women’s clothing…” Oohhhh, it happens out there in the wide, wide world of sports (, believe you me! Here’s my story (and speaking of hair care):

    I used to have my hair cut and styled by a transsexual man who moonlit as a drag queen to pay the tolls, as there were many in his pre-op days. My contact with her/him had been limited to the mundane, cut-and-blowdried stuff until one New Year’s eve at a nightclub called Berlin ( which is still there. Don’t ask me why I was, because it’s nothing saucy. Or rather, it started as nothing saucy.

    Anyway I was there with my -ex, who was there with some pals. She s/he recognized me and exploded like Mentos in a Coke bottle onto the dance floor wearing a slinky, spaghetti-strap bias-cut dress that left nothing to the imagination. S/he was was VERY popular with others similarly dressed that night, so there were a lot of men dressed as women who liked other men dressed as women. AND there were women dressed as men and women dressed as women who liked them, too!

    It’s quite a spectacle. It doesn’t make any more sense the drunker you get, but I guess you stop worrying about it.

    In fact, I didn’t recognize him/her until she grabbed me, spun me around (still very strong! upper body strength) and stuck her tongue in my mouth to say HEL-LOOO GORGEOUS! I was wearing my usual drab, boring, cisgendered, heteronormative clothing, but she would have gleefully introduced me to the lifestyle, had I wanted an introduction. She tried several times over the course of the evening to convince me. I politely declined, wiped off the lipstick and thanked her for the drinks. I wouldn’t have done it even if he/she had been a woman dressed as a man (which she did several times after the surgery)! That’s how boring I am.

    Here’s the kicker: my -ex girlfriend/fiancee – the reason I was there in the first place – thought my potential paramour was hot! She would have jumped in if I hadn’t been there, at least so she told me later. So yeah, it happens.

    I’ve had other friends who’ve heard that story and said: “I would have decked him. Or her.” Well, I thought of it, briefly – but an unexpected and unsolicited french kiss is no good reason to spend New Years eve in a Chicagoland jail.

    You just haven’t ever been to the right places!

    I’d like to thank Philip in advance for allowing me to tell that story after all these years. Long post, but it’s been a slow week for me. All names have been omitted to protect the guilty. They’re all guilty, it all happened, and they know it.

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