How is the Great American Sex Strike going?

It has been a little over a week since “Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike as protest over Republican abortion laws” (Guardian):

The actor Alyssa Milano ignited a social media storm with a call for women to join her in a sex strike, to protest against strict abortion laws passed by Republican-controlled state legislatures.

Have readers noticed any difference in the behavior of Americans who identify as “women”? The challenge of defining who will be on strike is crystallized nicely in this Twitter exchange:

Also, is it men specifically who are to blame for anti-abortion legislation? “Alabama Governor Signs Abortion Bill. Here’s What Comes Next” (nytimes) doesn’t mention the gender ID of the person who is the current Alabama governor until the reader scrolls down quite a bit, but eventually it turns out to be “Ms. Ivey”, i.e., a person whom the NYT believes identifies as a woman. (Unusually, there is no photograph of the governor signing the bill, so a casual reader might well believe the person who has restricted abortion in Alabama identifies as a man.)

If the sex strike persists, will it be time for investors to buy airline stocks? Prostitution is legal in some countries in Europe and some counties in Nevada, for example. (Recent events show that it is illegal to pay for sex on an hourly basis in Florida, but the same elderly rich guy had a young girlfriend in California who was reportedly paid on a monthly basis and that was apparently legal. So maybe U.S. law is more about the time period than the sex/money exchange per se?)


  • “Only 48% of married women want regular sex after four years.” (Good Housekeeping)
  • From Real World Divorce: “The Supreme Court made abortion legal with Roe v. Wade in 1973 and Congress made abortion profitable in 1988 with the federal Family Support Act [that required states to develop child support guidelines],” is how one attorney summarized the evolution of law in the last quarter of the 20th century. The new state guidelines made an out-of-wedlock child just as profitable as the child of a marriage. Our interviewees report that it did not take long for people to put these two legal innovations together and thus began the age of women selling abortions to men. “If the child support guidelines make having a baby more profitable than working,” a lawyer noted “it only makes sense that 5-10 years of the average person’s income is a fair price for having an abortion.”

5 thoughts on “How is the Great American Sex Strike going?

  1. Had a good strike or two last night. At my age, that’s the best I could pray for. Thank you, Lord Trump! I am but a humble man praying for a vagina, so I can do it all by myself.

    If you are looking to invest money, do invest in the Mexican cartels: they provide fresh p***y for a lot less than what it would cost to fly overseas every time you get an urge. Nevada is not cost-competitive. (And of course, never pay by the hour unless you have to, be a gentleman, pro-rate.)

    And yes, I can picture Alyssa Milano screamng Rats every time she sees a foreign-looking woman of a reproductive age.

    • Easy-peasy: self-identify as a vegetative pan-sexual for a day. Now you have 24 hrs to pursue your fantasy before returning to your wife (don’t forget to use protection and perhaps some pesticides–in case you are a veg).

      Oh c’mon Mr Donald J Trump. Don’t claim you are anonymous: I know you by that strange mushroom-like shape of your penis (read my memoir for details).

  2. Married men don’t get much anyways. Unless you are raising children, I just don’t see the point of even being married anymore. Also, I see men just migrating to or visiting countries where women are more “promiscuous”. A friend once told me that if you have to pay for it, then you’re doing something wrong. Diet, exercise, and be charming.

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