2 thoughts on “Happy Immigrant Heritage and LGBTQIA Pride Month

  1. I think we should not discriminate against people with the gay disease because they can’t help it. Not only are they born with it, but it is not a choice and is hard-wired. But yeah, nothing to be proud of. It would be like being proud of my diabetes or genetically pre-disposed high-cholesterol..

    • @Joeseph,

      If someone is gay or LGBTQIA, I personally have no issue with them or against them. It’s their choice as long as they don’t impose their will or needs on me. But why don’t we also celeberate and have a month for straight men and women? After all, those too are born with the straight disease. Isn’t the library discriminating against straight men and women for not having a month for them?

      Same goes to immigrant who are here legally. Why doesn’t our library and media (a bit off topic) cover their story on how long it took them waiting to get their visa legally? The hardship they had to go through waiting to the point one or more of their kids is now over 18 when their turn finally arrives as such the 18 year old must now stay behind? No to mention the interviews, background check and medical checkup they had to go through. Or the hardship those legal immigrant had to go through to learn English and make a living because they can be deported if they don’t get their citizenship in time?

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