Trump Hotel in D.C. is rated #1 in TripAdvisor

While doing a bit of research for an upcoming trip to Washington, D.C., I found the following in TripAdvisor:

Bad (but fake?) news for folks, such as the attorney general of Maryland, who are suing the Donald over the emoluments clause of the Constitution:

  • The Trump International Hotel is #1 out of 147 hotels!
  • Travelers’ Choice
  • Certificate of Excellent!

Why is this bad? From AP:

Frosh and Racine, both Democrats, say hotels in Maryland and Washington have been harmed because foreign and state government officials are more likely to stay at Trump’s hotel in an attempt to curry favor with the Republican president.

Trump can argue that people are staying there simply because the hotel is ranked #1 by guests.

[As a virtuous citizen of Massachusetts, I plan to boycott this establishment, leased in 2012 and opened in 2016, and stay in a $200/night hotel instead.]

9 thoughts on “Trump Hotel in D.C. is rated #1 in TripAdvisor

  1. I had a business lunch there a couple of years ago (the other guy chose it) and thought that the lobby and restaurant areas were impressive. The Old Post Office building was an incredible dump and he did a terrific job of revitalizing it by remodeling it into the hotel. Wonder if the AG of Maryland would have the wit to remodel his rec room, much less compete a project like that?

  2. My husband had a beer and our houseguest ordered a Sancerre (wine) at the bar there in September 2017. The prices were reasonable at Happy Hour, and seemed competitive generally (and probably were lower than the Willard Intercontinental catty-cornered across Pennsylvania Avenue). DC taxes on restaurant & bar tabs are the only caveat, but Trump is not to blame for those.

  3. “Trump can argue that people are staying there simply because the hotel is ranked #1 by guests.”

    Too bad there isn’t an exception for accepting foreign bribes if you’re “#1”.

    • Bribes. Bribes. More bribes. Billions in bribes from Putin plus $407 every night from other foreigners.

    • It’s funny how people who couldn’t spell emolument before 2016 have suddenly become experts in constitutional law.

  4. I think smaller bribes (under a $2K) are fine as long as that’s what it takes to win the general elections, to appoint the judges we like, to dismantle the propagandist media, and to accommodate the DNC operatives in the GULAG.. (And that’s why we conspired with Putin.)

    • Can you imagine a few well-known names from this board suddenly re-appear in the Kolyma and then lecture us from there? I won’t name any names since the KGB already has them. Yes *****, and you too.

  5. Phil could use sponsorship from a Russian media firm?
    > I plan to boycott this establishment … and stay in a $200/night hotel instead.

    • I tried booking with a discount code of “PUTIN” but that didn’t lower the rate 🙁

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