Mexican democracy worse than Trump dictatorship

“How Trump’s Tariff Threat Could Outsource the Asylum Crisis to Mexico” (New Yorker) is kind of interesting. During Donald Trump’s election campaign and for the first year or two of his administration, nothing regarding immigration could fairly be described as a “crisis.” Yet now that Trump has been in office for a while, there is actually a “crisis.”

We are told by our media that the U.S. under Dictator Trump is one of the most oppressive environments ever created on Planet Earth. Refugees are separated from children, interned in concentration camps, sexually assaulted, and sometimes killed.

What could be worse than that? Day to day life within the area governed by our southern neighbor, the democracy of Mexico!

In theory, if not always in practice, the migrants returned under Remain in Mexico will have a chance to petition for asylum in the U.S. But, by the definition of a safe third-country agreement, asylum seekers travelling through Mexico would no longer be allowed to make their case to American authorities. By default, Mexico would become their final destination. Such a scenario would be highly controversial for legal and humanitarian reasons. For one thing, such an agreement is premised on the assumption that Mexico is a “safe” country in which migrants can seek asylum, even though the country has a well-documented history of mistreating migrants in its custody and of unlawfully turning them around at its southern border.

Doesn’t this sound like prejudice?


5 thoughts on “Mexican democracy worse than Trump dictatorship

  1. >> What could be worse than that?
    A day without obnoxious propaganda? a week without the New Yorker?
    Can we please outsource the SJW to Mexico? for humanitarian reasons?

    • Or we can outsource it to our host Phil! He is nice enough to comb through all this fake news so we don’t have to. My guess is he actually pays for the failing NY times cause he links to way more than 5 articles per month.

  2. We are starting to have problems in Texas. Our cheap undocumented labor supply which provides cost advantages over the rest of the country is drying up and prices for construction labor are soaring and restaurant waits for food are extending beyond an hour because of a lack of kitchen help. Housekeeping and lawn service are also suffering. Companies are closing. The problem is that people currently available to do these jobs on welfare WON’T, the benefits are too good for them to have a shit job like lawn service or housekeeper. Texas will be a Blue State in the next election if Trump keeps this immigration push up. What about his own hotels, is he not already feeling the pinch?

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