A 7th grader wishes Happy Birthday to Donald Trump on Instagram

A friend’s 7th grader wished a Happy Birthday to Donald Trump on Instagram. This prompted some private messages with her classmates at our mostly-righteous-thinking public school.

Exchange 1 (some punctuation inserted):

  • He is not a leader he is a criminal
  • He’s the president. Why isn’t he in jail if he’s a criminal?
  • Because no one is brave or smart enough to arrest him.
  • So you’re calling Hillary dumb? Are you saying the Democratic Party shouldn’t be voted for because they aren’t smart enough or brave enough?
  • Hillary is not a rapist, racist, or ripping families apart at the border!

[When this girl grows up enough to have children, a Massachusetts family court will be happy to give her a substantial 23-year cash reward for ripping her own family apart…]

Exchange 2 (with a Jewish girl):

  • Disgusting
  • What’s the problem with Trump? Why don’t you have something against Obama?
  • Because Obama isn’t racist or a rapist.
  • Trump’s daughter converted to orthodox judaism. Isn’t that good?
  • U didn’t deny that hes a rapist. We may have the same religious but that doesn’t mean anything.
  • He’s not a racist. Where’s your proof?
  • In all of the women speaking out about what he has done.

3 thoughts on “A 7th grader wishes Happy Birthday to Donald Trump on Instagram

  1. Kids just repeat what the parents tell them, so you can sure the parents said the exact same things they are writing.

    When I would give my opinion to my grandpa about political stuff, he would say “ahh, there goes that little cassette tape your father put in you” 😀

    • @GermanL,

      Very true, but kids tend to change when they land in a liberal arts college, specially if they end up living on campus. When that happens, can we than reply to those kids with “ahh, there goes that little cassette tape your liberal arts college put in you”? 🙂

  2. I recently discovered that The Donald and I have the same birthday. I’m so ashamed.

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