Should Trump offer migrant children to those decrying the concentration camp system?

My Facebook feed is alive with the righteous condemning the U.S. government’s parking migrant “children” (some could be 25-30 years old as long as they say that they are under 18?) in concentration camps.

Would it make sense for the Federales to track down these folks and offer them the opportunity to host one or more migrant children in their own house?

In my experience, the offer of an actual migrant is typically refused by those who say that they welcome migrants. Here’s a recent interaction with a guy on Facebook who has a house large enough to share:

  • Him: Refugees need help now, not later. The basics. These are among the most vulnerable people in the world. I come from a family of refugees, and for my birthday let’s make their lives a little easier. [Fundraising link to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the tax dollar-funded organization that enraged the guy who shot up the Pittsburgh synagogue (filled with Jews who may have disagreed with the current HIAS mission of bringing non-Jewish low-skill immigrants to the U.S.)]
  • Me: If you want to shelter a refugee family in your house for at least one year, and pay for their food and health care (so US taxpayers don’t have to), I will be happy to fund their airfare from Kabul, Beirut, or wherever else in the world you find these new Americans.
  • Him: this is a private charity [yet it is primarily taxpayer-funded!], not a political position. Donate or don’t. There is an abrasive black and white false dichotomy that you propose: Either take personal responsibility for an entire family of refugees or you’re a hypocrite. Bullshit! There are limits to what I am willing to do to help others, including refugees. That doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with doing something, even modest, to help the cause.
  • Me: Would you be willing to take one refugee for a year in your home? Masshealth will sell a comprehensive health insurance policy for $3/month if your refugee doesn’t work and I think he or she would also be entitled to food stamps. Remember that any refugee who is not sheltered in an existing house will be exacerbating what is already considered a critical shortage of affordable housing (caused by Trump, says HuffPost).
  • Him: I don’t think you understood my point at all. Is there any amount of money you personally would part with to help out a refugee?
  • Me: Yes! My standard offer is to fund airfare from Kabul, Beirut, or wherever else. So that’s about $2,000 per refugee. I also offered to pay $50,000 to charter a plane to take a caravan of refugees from Mexico to Canada (whose Prime Minister offered to take anyone rejected by the U.S.).

Readers: What do you think? Would the folks complaining about migrants being subject to crummy room and board be silenced if they were offered migrants to host?


16 thoughts on “Should Trump offer migrant children to those decrying the concentration camp system?

  1. When the post gets no replies, you know you’ve made people think too much. What if we just allowed everyone who has the means deduct the costs from their tax obligations?

    • What if there is no tax at all? Except that payable to the DNC, by someone (certifiably) other than me of course?

  2. Pretty much every single left-winger I met (lots of them here in Sillycon Valley) is a hypocrite. Trying to appear charitable and righteous by insisting that other people should bear the costs of their “charity”. Gathering in packs to attack people who dare to voice an opinion challenging their party line of the day – and apparently scared to death to say something which will get their sect to turn on them. Really disgusting. I’ve seen exactly this kind of behavior at the meetings of Komsomol (Communist Youth Union) back in late USSR. Never expected to see this again.

    • What’s also amazing is that lots of people who work for those companies are also living in trailers.

    • I guess this is a consequence of egalitarianism: this is what you get when you allow cowardly gammas and below to attack their betters without fear of immediate reprisal. You can observe the same dynamics in a troop of chimps which lost its top males. The cowards remain cowards (hence their impulse to gather in packs and enforce pack adhesion by threat of expulsion and violence towards apostates). In a society better attuned to human nature a good old knuckle sandwich usually helps to keep these in their place. (Which explains the whole hysteria about “toxic” masculunity – they are afraid of those who don’t fear them, and will lie, slander, and play politics to put down anyone with a functioning pair). Again, just like Soviets and Red Chinese, who went from calling the best people of the nation “enemies of the people” to murdering them in gulags.

    • @averroes I appreciate the Brave New World reference because it’s relevant. Did you ever read The Closing of the American Mind? If you haven’t, you should. I got my copy from a Barnes & Noble in New York City, in the Village, back in 1988. It’s probably more important today than it was then.

    • You can tell how many times I’ve been to a Barnes & Nobel recently. Also your nick confused me a bit. Even my miscorrected spelling isn’t accurate. It’s been a long time since I read a John Barth novel.

  3. The idea of bringing more undocumented immigrants from Kabul, Beirut, and other places separated by vast oceans from us is great! Don’t we absolutely need more racial, ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity in undocumented immigration?

    Why hasn’t anybody sued the governments to force them to arrange for that using taxpayer money, and not rely only on philg’s generous offer to pay for airfares for a few people?

  4. “Would it make sense for the Federales to track down these folks and offer them the opportunity to host one or more migrant children in their own house?”

    No, too many are busy profiting off their imprisonment.

    This board is rife with people decrying the costs of immigration, but are positively overjoyed at paying far more to lock them up.

  5. Here, fixed it for you:

    Sollte Führer denjenigen, die das Konzentrationslagersystem entschlüsseln, jüdische Kinder anbieten?

  6. The minute a migrant child has to do a chore in the household they are staying in, the liberal nut jobs will cry slavery. Send them to Canada! Busses at the border! Canada PM says they will take them all!

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