Transactional sex around Lake Malawi

As someone who shares a home with African cichlids, I clicked on a headline from NPR: “The Dark Secret Of Lake Malawi”. The story, however, turned out not to be about future aquarium pets:

“Sex for fish.”

That unlikely phrase is used in some lakefront communities in sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world where men catch the fish and women sell the catch to local customers.

Or if the supply of fish is low because of overfishing, several women may vie for a fisherman’s catch — and transactional sex may be used as a bargaining point.

The writer does not seem to have researched the question of whether commercial sex is more common around this lake compared to other parts of the same countries.


One thought on “Transactional sex around Lake Malawi

  1. Melinda Gates really should help African men, who are so desperate that they give women fish for sex. Why is men’s sexuality so devalued? What can be done to promote gender equality? How can the Gates Foundation encourage more women to give men fish in order to have sex with them?

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