How many of the folks who say Trump is a racist would be willing to move into a free house in Baltimore?

Donald J. Trump, racist, is back in the news for some unkind comments about Baltimore (a city roughly as dangerous as the countries from which caravan members are coming and receiving asylum due to the high murder rate, e.g., in Guatemala).

Here’s a suggestion for readers: When a righteous person on Facebook denounces Trump the Racist over this, offer to pay for a house or apartment in a median Baltimore neighborhood and see if he or she is willing to move in. (Baltimore itself may not have great jobs for the coastal elites who display maximum virtue on Facebook, but it is within practical commuting distance of high-paying work in the D.C. suburbs and therefore an inability to work is a not an excuse).

20 thoughts on “How many of the folks who say Trump is a racist would be willing to move into a free house in Baltimore?

  1. The fact that there are bad neighborhoods in Baltimore is not relevant to Trump’s racism. The fact that some people wouldn’t want to live in a place that was the target of Trump’s racism doesn’t make them ineligible to criticize his racism. it doesn’t make them hypocrites for criticizing that racism. Stop making obfuscating arguments like this. Stop defending the president’s racism in this adolescent way. If you really want to support the president’s nonsense, just do it in a straightforward manner. Just express hatred for every African-American and use the n-word.

    • And he is called racist why? Any specific example? Or is it just regurgitated propaganda from the Deep State?

    • Vince,

      It doesn’t matter what race lives in Baltimore, what matters is the violence. If you are implying that race is the issue, then you are the racist.

  2. @Vince, the only difference between Trump and any other presidents, even Obama, is that Trump will say the obvious in the open, in public, but others say it in private, within their circle.

    Do I wish Trump would shut his mouth and twitter less? You bet. But I also wish presidents before him would have been more direct and honest about issues facing our country rather than using empty, heart warming speeches.

    • His ‘honesty’ is not an attempt to draw attention to the disparate living conditions in major cities in America and elicit solutions as most Presidents would seek. It is to pander to the unspoken racism that many in his base hold, solidify their support and dishearten his opponents. The goal is 2020.

    • And how do you know that exactly? Did Trump confide in you? did he share his thoughts? Are you by any chance Trump’s psychoanalyst? a close family member? a drinking buddy? (oops, he doesn’t drink)
      Why would anyone believe that making things up is fine as long as it’s about Trump?

    • Of course!
      That’s why every American should vote for Trump in 2020.
      Democrats! Get back to my couch! For those most neurotic in your ranks, my assistant will be soon administering calming masturbating sessions.

  3. I think the problem is that the country has degenerated into a split electorate situation. One side’s solution is to ignore the poverty and crime, until an elite person is hurt. Then prison, and lots of them. The other side gives out free everything of poor quality, and the poor have no sense that they can succeed on their own. They become dependents of the state. No one ever proposes a way out, and yet other countries like Germany, do not have these problems as severe as the US. We need to fire both parties, because each has an agenda that will never combat poverty, crime, and all that comes with it. One side wants a police state catering to the elite. The other wants to bankrupt us on benefits.

    • yet other countries like Germany, do not have these problems as severe as the US.

      That might be because Germany is full of Germans.

  4. I’m Canadian, and live in Canada, so don’t have a dog in this fight. Let’s pretend I’m a disinterested observer from afar.

    I find Trump to be refreshing. For years, people have been saying that they want a politician that speaks from the heart, not through focus groups. Well… Trump is that in spades. While I don’t agree with every policy position, they all seem race-neutral to me. Whenever I read anything in the MSM about what Trump has said, or done, I go to the original source, and inevitably his comments are reasonable, honest or, at most, an exaggeration for comic effect. I’ve learned a great deal about the media’s use of narrative to push an agenda. And I have always considered myself intelligent and well-read. But, boy, this has made me much more skeptical of the MSM, and maybe… just maybe, a few of my friends as well.

    As for Baltimore, none of my Facebook friends have the right to move to Baltimore from Toronto. Or, the legal immigration procedure is so onerous that it’s not practical. So that experiment is out.

    • @Jon,

      Please not again.

      That article you linked to, as soon as I started reading it, I knew this guy doesn’t know his history. Anyone who compares Trump or white supremacy to Hitler and Nazis, at any period of time, is doing a huge injustice to the millions who were brutally killed under Hitler and the Nazis hands. Not only that, such pointless articles diverges the audience from the real issue at hand and keeps the uninformed yet more uninformed. What’s wrong if you tell your kids “get your sorry ass off the couch or you will fail in life”. Sure it is brutal way to say it but I will say it if my kids don’t answer to my first 2 or 3 nicely put warnings.

      Baltimore and many other cities need to be treated in the same way.

      For years and years our politician, from the top to the lowest level, have been playing the “politically correct” game. Now that we have someone who is saying it like it is, in your face, it becomes unacceptable?! And why aren’t those who are against Trump for saying this about Baltimore standing up and open discussion in their community on how to fix their issues?! Instead, they are using what Trump said, making a racism issue out of it (or false scary stories like the article you linked to) to further hid the real issue their cities like Baltimore are in to keep the status quo as is.

      Here is a link from BBC news [1] that interviewed Baltimore’ian back in 2018 (the interview date is in the video so ignore date on the text next to the video) and you can see how folks are aware how other’s see them. Sure this isn’t scientific but I bet you if this interview is done again today the response will be geared hatred toward Trump.


    • “Anyone who compares Trump or white supremacy to Hitler and Nazis, at any period of time, is doing a huge injustice to the millions who were brutally killed under Hitler and the Nazis hands.”

      Absolute rubbish. It honours them by making sure the conditions don’t arise again. ie Never Again.

    • I would say, it does not matter, it’s just a propaganda piece. I’m unmoved. I honestly don’t see the point of that article on Quora: it’s long, boring, stupid, and totally pointless.

      Of course, quite a lot of people will read it and become really agitated. That’s OK, who cares? they are committed Democrats, they will not vote Republican no matter what, so nothing shifts in the universe.

      There are also people who will vote for Trump anyway: for them this is just another confirmation of their biases. Over the past three years, Trump has been called a racist, an anti-Semite, a traitor, a retard, and even a rapist. And? Again, nothing changes. Besides, there is a significant number of those who are not Trump supporters but who chose to resist the resistance.

      In either event, the needle won’t move. There is no political center left to influence, there is no one to pull to the other side of the political divide. The outrage is cheap: you can energize your base all you want and not add a single electoral vote, and the only actors who benefit is Twitter .bots.

  5. Waiting in a hospital waiting room, a bunch of talking heads were on the TV discussing Trump’s Baltimore comments. One commentator called out Trump for denigrating the city without doing anything about it. My personal thought was that Baltimore has been under Democratic control for over fifty years, and that the previous three mayors have left office in scandal. The Democratic party and its supporters, and the city’s residents themselves are to blame for Baltimore’s shithole status. Trump is smart for shining a light on their mess. The ones complaining the loudest are the ones most to blame.

    I have become numb to accusations of racism against myself or anyone else — that horse has been beaten into sludge.

    • So true. When I hear charges of racism now, I assume automatically that is a smokescreen for political purposes or to hide the real issue

  6. As a brown skinned (legal) immigrant who spent several years obtaining visas, green card and citizenship, I do have given this matter lot of thought:

    1. I think Trump does not obviously appear racist but the trends in his ‘base’ appear concerning in long term

    2. Democratic policies of undocumented immigration and open borders are untenable. Besides economics, these can make more people hostile towards immigrants as they may feel threatened

    3. I have seen emerging signs of above in present day Germany: I have found these people to be very open and friendly towards brown people (me and my relatives), probably because of awareness about the nation’s past. But recently have noticed more hostility at airport screenings. My theory is that recent uncontrolled immigration that they allowed has made some people antagonistic towards people like me.

    4. So in the long run, bad democratic immigration policies could actually lead to increase in size of, and hostile tendencies within, the so called ‘Trump’s base’.

  7. Does Baltimore have some bad areas, yes. But if you think Baltimore is bad, take a look at some of the abandoned towns in the midwest. They’re boarded up and trashy-looking. The privileged white males that are still there and jobless are sitting around playing with their guns and drinking beer all day. The useless Republican governors of these states let their towns and counties shrink to nothing because they did nothing to create new jobs. I would rather live in Baltimore than in these wastelands.

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