Encore Boston casino aerial photos

While flying Neoscape in an East Coast Aero Club helicopter on a photography mission, we were waiting for the shadow of a cloud to move away from the commercial real estate site subject. Matt Richardson decided to get some photos of Boston’s new casino, Encore:

This is some of my favorite helicopter flying and we still get to do some interesting projects despite the Rise of the Drones. Operating close to Logan Airport (Class B airspace), as this project required, is an example of when a traditional helicopter may make more sense than a drone.

Thanks to Matt and Neoscape for sharing!


8 thoughts on “Encore Boston casino aerial photos

  1. I agree – flying for Neoscape were some of my favorites in Boston. The flights for the prep for the Olympic bid were awesome.

  2. http://www.mwra.com/01news/2011/091411-charlestownturbine.html

    “The $4.7 million project has been fully financed by the American Resource and Recovery Act (ARRA). One-half of the cost of the project is for purchasing the 1.5 megawatt turbine. The MWRA purchased the turbine from Sinovel, a Chinese state-owned wind turbine company.”



    “Sinovel was charged on June 27, 2013, along with Su Liying, the deputy director of Sinovel’s Research and Development Department; Zhao Haichun, a technology manager for Sinovel; and Dejan Karabasevic, a former employee of AMSC Windtec Gmbh, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMSC. The evidence presented at trial showed that Sinovel conspired with the other defendants to obtain AMSC’s copyrighted information and trade secrets in order to produce wind turbines and to retrofit existing wind turbines with AMSC technology without paying AMSC the more than $800 million it was owed and promised. Through Su and Zhao, Sinovel convinced Karabasevic, who was head of AMSC Windtec’s automation engineering department in Klagenfurt, Austria, to leave AMSC Windtec, to join Sinovel, and to steal intellectual property from the AMSC computer system by secretly downloading source code on March 7, 2011, from an AMSC computer in Wisconsin to a computer in Klagenfurt. Sinovel then commissioned several wind turbines in Massachusetts and copied into the turbines software compiled from the source code stolen from AMSC. The U.S.-based builders of these Massachusetts turbines helped bring Sinovel to justice. Su and Zhao are Chinese nationals living in China, and Karabasevic is a Serbian national who lived in Austria, but now lives in Serbia.

    According to evidence presented at trial, following the theft, AMSC suffered severe financial hardship. It lost more than $1 billion in shareholder equity and almost 700 jobs, over half its global workforce.”

  3. Kind of a herculean investment just to get around the FAA. 15 years ago, they thought the means would come to easily integrate quad copters in the airspace. But RC modelers wanted legitimacy brought to their toys. Aerial photo businesses wanted to create barriers to entry. Here we are.

  4. Look at all the renewable power: giant wind turbine and roof mounted photovoltaics. I wonder how much power the PV array puts out? (and how much the casino uses)

    • You should wonder because nobody really knows. The PV array on the Encore was billed as being 90,000 square feet (8361 and change square meters.)

      After Epstein hanged himself in his hotel room last night I decided to count the panels in the array, and I got 821. Why not? I’m probably off by a few, but close. Assuming they’re 10 square meters each, that could be close to 90k sq. ft., but I really doubt it based on the semi parked next to the building. To me it looks like the array is less than 90k square feet, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

      There are no published dimensions of anything associated with the Encore Casino’s construction. There are a few floor plan resources but they’re dimensionless.

      I think it probably produces less than a megawatt under perfect conditions, but even that is something and it’s important to fulfilling the project’s promises. I wonder if they’re going to keep using natural gas from Yemen for the cogeneration?


      “In addition, they anticipate putting 90,000 square feet of photovoltaics over the function hall and entrance to harness solar power that would get stored in the batteries.”



  5. By the way there are plenty of other news resources regarding the Wynn attempts to make Encore green, I’ve just scratched the surface with the above post, but I can’t find any hard numbers aside from the 90k square foot “proposal.”

    I’m sure the architecture, windows, and the rest are excellent from a Green Platinum point of view, but I do wonder who made the solar panels on the roof. I can’t find that anywhere, either.

    And it doesn’t matter. The money has been spent.

  6. Finally I did enjoy the shutter speed thing going on with the Encore logo and the camera. You don’t provide aperature and shutter speed stats. and who knows what the refresh rate of the sign is, but your photo shows it very clearly.

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