How many people would spend 19 hours listening to the Mueller Report?

One of the great things about the Internet is that we can answer the question How many people would spend 19 hours listening to the Mueller Report?

The Audible version of the Mueller Report has 480 ratings!

(I recently talked to a couple of intelligent well-educated sisters. They believed that the Mueller Report proved that Donald Trump was an arch-criminal, that he would be prosecuted and imprisoned if he were not a sitting president, and that if they could only get hold of his tax returns it would prove that he was involved in “money-laundering”. Despite their passion, I don’t think that they had read every page of the report, much less invested half a work week in listening.)

10 thoughts on “How many people would spend 19 hours listening to the Mueller Report?

  1. The link you provide is to the paid version of the report. Audible provides, as a public service, a free audio version with 2 different narrators. It is accompanied by a PDF download of the report as well. This version has over 2000 ratings.

    Here is the link to the free version of the audio:

    • @Bruce:

      Here’s my unvarnished opinion and I won’t cut any sharp edges off: when Trump won the election the biggest worry I had about his ability to lead was everything he had done in his past and all the ghosts that would come back to haunt him. I think his Tweets are shit, and he should stop shitting on himself. His Twitter “persona” has made him the poster child for Angry White Men and that’s his own fault. The day he was sworn in, he should have dropped Twitter like a hot rock and gotten down to the business of governing this country with the majorities he had, but he can’t resist hurting himself. That’s not genius, it’s moronic. I don’t believe he’s playing four dimensional chess, I don’t think he’s been playing with a full deck, either, in any kind of card game.

      As far as Russian interference in our electoral process goes, of course it was there, and it will be there in the future – it’s been proven to divide this country more sharply than anything we’ve seen. It works, it’s very effective at turning Americans into enemies of themselves.

      I think it’s been a huge mistake for him to allow his Twitter persona to define his Presidency. Steve Bannon is the guy who needs to have his head chopped off. Melania should take the account away from him for his own good, and the good of the country at this point. He could still salvage some respectability and he could do a good job serving out the rest of this term, but the son of a bitch just can’t stop himself. He sets himself on fire, and he doesn’t seem to realize that OK, he has Twitter account but so do millions of other people.

      Frankly I don’t understand what he’s been trying to accomplish. He’s not an intrinsically bad dude, but he just doesn’t understand the political landscape he was elected into.

      “Every gambler knows
      That the secret to surviving
      Is knowing what to throw away
      And knowing what to keep.
      ‘Cause every hand’s a winner
      And every hand’s a loser
      And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.”

      For the sake of our country, Donald Trump had better figure out soon that he can’t melt down, he can’t keep doing the things he’s doing, and he needs to start talking to people who disagree with him, because things are going to get a lot worse if he doesn’t. He’s alienated far too many people whose advice he should be listening to, now he has to call them back. They’re smarter than he is.

  2. That looks like a good deal: 19 x $15/hr = $285 vs only $22.75 + tax.
    But we can do even better: for a small fee of $20 per subscription, I will email you with a firm reassurance that Trump is indeed guilty of high crimes, must be impeached, removed, and shot afterwards. Please, please do subscribe to my newsletter at

  3. Trump probably didn’t listen to it, either. I’m quite sure he had better things to do on Twitter than spend 19 boring hours listening to any stupid old report that Mueller himself couldn’t remember very well. He’s not a very patient man. But that’s OK, he’s not alone, and he’s a very stable genius, too. Everyone in China knows that.

    Here’s another long form article that very few people will read:

    • I can’t resist threading this: “And no wonder. Twitter can often feel like it toggles between a dumping ground for insipid memes and a troll-fed dumpster fire where people scream into the virtual ether, leaving some scholars to question whether it’s a worthy investment in an already overscheduled career.” That, right there folks, is made of Awesome.

    • My apologies to Gilda Radner and Barbara Walters. Don’t worry, people at Johns Hopkins are taking China seriously, too:

      “I think people should take China really seriously, because we’re building the same infrastructure here,” Tufekci said during a discussion Thursday evening at Johns Hopkins University. Although the West typically reserves such advanced tech tools for advertising, she said, “China is showing us how tech can be used in this kind of [surveillance] setting.”

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