Northwest Passage cruise begins

I’m praying for global warming to end… on September 11, on which date I hope to be stepping off the ship that I boarded this morning in Greenland (soon to be our 51st state? Atlantic says that citizens there consume roughly the same amount in aid from Denmark as Federal welfare $$ spent per resident of New Mexico, i.e., $10,000 per year per person).

Here’s our planned route (from Hurtigruten):

I will try to post a bit to Facebook and/or this blog, but Internet access may be tenuous. So that the site does not go dark, I’ve scheduled a bunch of non-topical postings to appear once/day.

10 thoughts on “Northwest Passage cruise begins

  1. Does Greenland allow unlimited immigration without documents (it must – everybody except Trump does, right)?

    The population of Greenland is very small, ~50,000. Then could some country send 55,000 immigrants there, change government, and then gain control? The new government could legislate to leave Denmark and join that other country?

  2. Where does the $10K/person per year come from? I am always curious about these sort of numbers but it is really hard to find authoritative numbers. I once dug up budget numbers for city/state/federal homeless spending in just my city and the best I could do was narrow it down to something with maybe a 2:1 uncertainty.

  3. As you pass Beechey Island, pause to reflect that the Top Gear (world’s most popular tv show) crew almost died there while driving across the semi-frozen sea in a Toyota 4×4 on their epic road trip to the magnetic North Pole. Truly one of the greatest moments in TV, ever. If you loves cars, or adventure, or political incorrectness do yourself a favour and watch “Top Gear: Polar Special” on DVD, Netflix, BBC, youtube, or wherever.

  4. Should have done it in an R-44. Then you could have said, “between writing a blog post every day, reading a novel every week, speaking at Oshkosh, & being an expert witness, I planned a trip over the northwest passage in a helicopter.”

  5. “Ah, for just one time I would take the Northwest Passage
    To find the hand of Franklin reaching for the Beaufort Sea;
    Tracing one warm line through a land so wild and savage
    And make a Northwest Passage to the sea.”

  6. Wow, sounds like a fantastic cruise!

    Ummm, roughly what’s the price? (or more realistically, please check into deckhand positions for me!)

    Apparently Hurtigruten isn’t hurting for customers, when I tried to book a spot on the shorter eastbound cruise it just said full, didn’t try to offer me a 2020 cruise.

    • About $1,000/day per person (compared to $100/day for a basic Caribbean cruise on a mid-grade ship). The passengers tend to be retired engineers and similar, not the crazy rich. They’re people who love polar travel and don’t mind deferring the purchase of a fancy car.

  7. Thanks, about what I expected. I saw they listed a shorter cruise later, going east from about the midpoint of your trip. Curious nothing was listed for Nome to the midpoint, maybe another company is running that section?
    (Hope you got to bring the family!)

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