One thought on ““Send them back,” Danish edition.

  1. Trump can only dream of having Denmark’s immigration policies.

    A few years ago a good friend of mine deep in the blue swamps of Camberville married a Danish physician. Dr. Viking can’t practice here unless he wants to go through a residency at 40, but had minimal fuss getting residency and finding a high-paying job.

    Mrs. Viking would like to move to Denmark but despite being a high-earning tech executive of Slavic-Celtic ancestry married to a native-born Danish physician, she’s been told that she needs to first become fluent in Danish and then, after ten years of short-term residency, they might consider a permanent work permit.

    Reason is, a few years back the Danes decided to tighten up immigration from Muslim countries that had dramatically different cultural views, and were promptly denounced as horrible racists by the EU. So they just decided to make it near-impossible for everyone. It will be interesting to compare Denmark and Sweden in the next 5-10 years.

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