Au Pair Infatuation

From a group instant messaging chat among some guys who have employed au pairs:

  • Father 1: I think one of our former Au Pair is infatuated with me. She has been tagging me on Facebook and sending me wishes and all sorts of stuff.
  • Father 2: we need a picture of this au pair!
  • Father 1: [includes photograph of slender long-haired woman with high cheekbones]
  • Father 2: where does she live now?
  • Father 1: Mexico.
  • Father 2: That sounds bad.
  • Father 2: You might have to go to Cancun to meet with her in a hotel room and sort this out.


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5 thoughts on “Au Pair Infatuation

  1. Every time I read about Phil’s adventures among the upper crust in Lincoln, I’m more glad I live over here in downscale Wakefield…

    • Jimbo: Please move to Lincoln. We need you to pay property tax to fund the new $250,000/student (most expensive ever built in the U.S.) K-8 school! (Wakefield is doing it all wrong letting the state MSBA pay for half!)

  2. Read the links to the earlier installations of the saga. Shocked he wouldn’t want to stay with Mrs. Cranky Menopause and her buttinski friends – LOL.

    Hope he enjoys the hot young au pair and she gets her green card. Marriage is, after all, all about incentives and mutually beneficial transactions.

    However, he needs to remember to wrap in in latex, or she will soon get all of his paychecks.

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