Evidence for theory explaining LGBTQIA promotion popularity

Back in August, I asked “Is LGBTQIA the most popular social justice cause because it does not require giving money?”

Here’s some evidence for the theory, from downtown Washington, D.C.:

The church is surrounded by begging homeless people and a McLaren automobile that costs roughly $150,000 per seat (perfect for sitting in D.C. gridlock!). Are the church and its parishioners concerned about poverty or inequality? Apparently not, since the only cause promoted with a sign regards LGBTQIA.

(In this cause, the church is competing with the D.C. government. City building a few blocks away:

“The District has a higher level of income inequality than any state in the country” and yet the “Mayor’s Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Affairs” has its programs featured in the taxpayer-funded building rather than anything to do with poverty.)

2 thoughts on “Evidence for theory explaining LGBTQIA promotion popularity

  1. Wonder if being an expert witness leaves enough time to wait in the security lines & see the monuments. Got to view the constitution before the ink all fades away & the capital building before it’s renovated again.

  2. Decolonization created vast swathes of highly paid white collar “advisory” and “aid” jobs for first world overeducated and underqualified government clerks. LGBT creates a similar justification for highly paid diversity “directors” and “advocates”.

    In neither case did anyone care about how all of this affected the little guy on the street.

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