5 thoughts on “C and Java coders: a new dialect of Lisp

  1. A lot of the good stuff that only was available in Lisp is now available in other languages: lists, alists, garbage collection, lexical scoping, lambda

    No other language has figured out how to do macros as well either, though that is a a dangerous weapon in the hands of the untutored.

  2. I remember my one Lisp class in college – we wrote, as a simple introductory exercise, a program that modified it’s own code as it runs. It’s something that I suppose you could do with any interpreted language, but not something that would really occur to you to do in any other.

    So that’s why I think learning Lisp is good: it warps your mind just a little bit to see other possibilities. Then you can put away childish things and go back to using a real language for production code.

  3. Does this new language already include an informally-specified implementation of half of Common Lisp? or should my team wait for another 7 months?

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