Bostonians protest Melania Trump

“Boston Medical Center employees to protest Melania Trump’s visit on Wednesday”:

Some 250 people who work at Boston Medical Center are protesting a scheduled visit Wednesday by first lady Melania Trump to a hospital program that helps babies who were exposed to drugs in the womb, according to opponents of Trump’s appearance.

A local reporter asked on Facebook for “thoughts” on this visit. Here are some sample responses regarding this high-achieving immigrant woman from the locals who describe themselves as “feminists”:

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She can stay away! We dont want her hypocritical interest in children here. Please! Is she only going to visit the rooms of white kids? What if there is an immigrant child staying there? Will she kick them out of the hospital? The visit is a joke!

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My comments might not be suitable for the Globe…they won’t be too kind. Worst FLOTUS of 45 of them…#BeBest Zero sense of irony – married to the world’s biggest cyber bully and she picked that as her cause? While he puts children in cages and separates mothers from their babies? She had a chance to use her global platform to do good. #epicfail

Every single comment is a no to Melania’s visit! I’m so glad that we live in a smart state!

Now they are moving from NYC to FLA, because we haven’t treated him nicely…Trust me as a life long New Yorker who knew all about DJT when he was just another sleazy socialite, we do not want him here! Floridians you have our deepest sympathies, but please keep him…puhlease!

How much do we need to raise to cover her pre-nup? Freedom for us and the civilized world if we ante up and she spills the beans. My checkbook and pen are at the ready.

No win situation. She’s coming to see an amazing program but also one that confirms a narrow view of brown and black people held by the White House. Yet Bmc depends on federal dollars so protesting- which seems obvious when an anti immigrant admin visits a remarkable institution that welcomes all— puts Bmc funding in jeopardy. It’s a perfect set up for a vindictive small-minded president to confirm his preconceptions and cut funds. Another chance for we liberals to play into trumps hand. For an idiot he sure knows how to agitate us and get the result he wants.

[This last one is my favorite, an acknowledgment that “Big Medicine” depends on “Big Government”.]

It occurred to me that the haters are part of a community that produced enough babies addicted to opiates that a special hospital program had to be created. On the other hand, Melania Trump has, to the best of my knowledge, never produced a single opiate-addicted baby.

Also, given that many of the above sentiments are from women, where is the solidarity among the sisterhood?

9 thoughts on “Bostonians protest Melania Trump

  1. the haters are part of a community that produced enough babies addicted to opiates that a special hospital program had to be created. On the other hand, Melania Trump has, to the best of my knowledge, never produced a single opiate-addicted baby

    That’s a pretty wacky statement. The “haters” probably didn’t give birth to any addicted babies themselves either, yet somehow they’re “part of a community” that has. What community would that be – eastern Massachusetts? The first lady was a resident for New York City for quite a few years, so she’s also part of such a community.

    • Melania, to the best of my knowledge, does not claim that wherever she lives is smarter and better than everywhere else in the U.S., unlike the commenter above who explicitly said “I’m so glad that we live in a smart state!” (i.e., a state smart enough to pack a hospital with opiate-addicted babies)

    • @philg Also, given the amount of nonsense, why do you spend so much time on Facebook?

      As is not uncommon, Phil, your post is full of manichean innuendo. As Vince says, your statement is very wacky.

      – Is every member of a community responsible for the entire community? Are you, as a resident of Massachusetts responsible for the community that produces opiate-addicted babies?
      – What do you define as community? Why on a state level? Why not on county level? Why not on a country level? In that case, the US is a terrible community. Just in comparison to OECD countries, the USA has 18.75 Opioid-related deaths per 100k inhabitants, while Canada has 4.95, and Western Europe 2.14, and Portugal 0.8. Is Melania responsible for all those deaths in the USA? Of course not.
      – Are you just itching because she said Massachusetts was a smart state? (not even the smartest, and, by many measures, quality of life in Massachusetts is in fact better than most other states) – plus I know married people are not fully responsible for declarations made by their spouses, but if there is one person doing (fake) superlatives, it’s Mr. Be Best.
      – What’s the worth of comparing the number of addicted babies in Massachusetts to Melania’s single offspring?
      – What is the worth of singling out a comment (on facebook) of one person that says she’s glad she lives in a smart state? Melania also wore a jacket saying “I really don’t care do you?” on national TV – why don’t you say she’s the hypocrite if she’s the one saying she doesn’t care?

      «where is the solidarity among the sisterhood?»
      So because you’re a woman, I have to agree with all women?
      Why didn’t you ask, instead: given that many of the above sentiments are from white people, where is the solidarity among the white people?

    • Francisco: If we consider “women” (whatever that term might mean in the transgender age) as a victim group, it makes sense for them to stick together so that they can’t be easily divided and conquered (though perhaps the prevailing dogma is that women have already been conquered and that’s why they are oppressed with low wages, lack of CEO jobs, lack of 80-hour/week STEM post-docs, etc.). The white people you cite are an oppressor group so there is no need for them to stick together. Each white patriarch can oppress non-white males in his/her/zir own way (do not want to make assumptions about the gender ID of a white patriarch).

      To your first point: Why hang out on Facebook? It is where people write down what they feel and think and where they set out social signals in writing. It is the perfect place for anyone interested in sociology! Also a gold mine for anyone with a blog!

      (Regarding your middle points, of course, they are too intelligent to require a response. You might be a resident of the smartest state!)

    • the commenter above who explicitly said “I’m so glad that we live in a smart state!” (i.e., a state smart enough to pack a hospital with opiate-addicted babies)

      Oh, so that’s the point of that remark. Some random person that you’ve never heard of makes a remark about Massachusetts being a smart state and you’ve disproven her point by pointing that it’s not a paradise where people are perfectly healthy and sensible and live forever. I suppose that if anyone who works at CERN ever develops a problem with alcohol or opioids no one should ever claim that it’s a place that employs a lot of smart people.

  2. Women are competitors not cooperators — and they typically attempt to undermine each other in devious and unkind ways — this is probably just biological. The Facebook women are envious because, unlike them, she is married to the president of the US, really rich, beautiful, and so on and has won the biological game of life. Hillary, Warren etc. are past their prime and no biological threat — that is why the “pantsuit brigade” was behind frumpy Hill but not beautiful and appealing Melania.

  3. I think you’re more qualified to speak on the viewpoint of “misogynist” than “feminists”. Surely there are some red-pill Facebook groups you could share views from.

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