9 thoughts on “Me on TV: helicopter foliage tour

  1. Awesome, Tour Pilot Philip Greenspun! Great job and really not a lot of money for what the experience offers, it’s the kind of memory people won’t forget. How many passengers does the $400 include? Are they allowed to take photos/video from the air? That would have been nice to mention in the video but I know it was probably edited to fit. Does ECAC do these in any other area of the state?

  2. I’m curious – do you operate under part 91 or 135? Apparently folks like FlyNYON are operating under a blatant loophole in part 91 for aerial photography. Watch the latest NTSB meeting on YouTube.

    • We are Part 91 with a Letter of Authorization from the local FAA FSDO to conduct sightseeing operations. Sightseeing operations, even simple ones limited to a short radius, are now wrapped up in the government’s regulations around drug testing. So the big expense is putting pilots and mechanics on random drug testing (including testing for drugs that the government now assures us are the most effective medicines). You need Part 135 if you’re going Point A to Point B. Ordinary sightseeing in which takeoff and landing are at the same location is not a Part 135 operation.

  3. This was a very fond reminder of our flights together, more than 10 years ago now! I need to get back to Boston one of these days.

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