2 thoughts on “Photos inside the Elizabeth Warren Campaign HQ

  1. Which one is the Medicare for All tent? Because the other one has to be the new Home of the Billionaires. Also, I protest this shameless appropriation of Native American architecture to serve the artistic pretensions of their genocidal conquerors.

    In other news, a team of researchers from the Max Planck Insitute of Evolutionary Anthropology and Aix-Marselle University have found that chimps throw stones at trees because they like the sound.


    “The group suggests their findings indicate the chimps throw the stones at the trees because of the sound it makes—though they are still no closer to understanding why the chimps would care.”

    Next up: why do human researchers from the Max Planck Institute enjoy conducting studies of chimps throwing stones at trees?

    And while you’re perusing Phys.org this morning, America can finally look forward to “launching American astronauts on American rockets from American soil again for the first time…since 2011” What a triumph! They will only cost $10 million more per shot than what we pay the Russians! Rosie the Riveter is on her way! Bridenstine expresses his confidence in Boeing by noting, without a hint of irony: “I would also say that if you look at Boeing as an institution, the people that develop spacecraft are not the same people that develop aircraft,” he said.”

    Great! More ringing endorsements! And that is supposed to make us feel better, how? Can Boeing build teepees?


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