Harvard art museum exhibit on migration closing soon

Folks near Boston: an exhibit on migration at Harvard’s Fogg Art Museum is closing on January 5.

Don’t touch the cardboard beer boxes:

Sign admonishes visitors not to touch the used tampons:

But maybe it is okay to touch the bricks:

Photos contrast the border with Mexico with the border with Canada (over which most of our Hollywood stars are fleeing?):

Europeans welcome migrants into their welfare states and rip up their streets while the Chinese build superhighways and 24,000 miles of high-speed rail:

From the permanent collection, an idea for repurposing your analog multimeter:

2 thoughts on “Harvard art museum exhibit on migration closing soon

  1. Thank you for spending the hours from your valuable lifespan to visit this exhibit so the rest of us don’t feel like we’re missing out. It should be subtitled:

    “Living in Different Worlds: American Elites and Trump Voters”

    I’m not terribly impressed with the off-the-grid potato power exhibit. Harvard Fogg is wasting the space with what isn’t even a middle-school science fair project winner? I thought smart people who had progressed beyond the sixth grade went to Harvard.


    Are you at least allowed to change the voltage range on the multimeter to get a meaningful reading?

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