Diversity at MIT

In a “fun lunch” presentation of photos from Oshkosh in our FAA Private Pilot ground school at MIT (videos linked from the course home page), the next slide contained the following images:

(Bo 105 aerobatic helicopter in a custom Trump 2020 paint scheme)

Before the slide appeared I asked the 75-person class “Raise your hand if you support Donald Trump.” Guess how many supported America’s leading citizen and were willing to own up to it?

11 thoughts on “Diversity at MIT

  1. Guessing 0.

    I wouldn’t raise my hand without hesitating because I don’t want some of my uppity friends/colleagues to think I’m whatever they think Trump supporters are.

    Maybe if I stacked enough cash to not care what people think I can finally be honest.

  2. Zero! I wouldn’t even count on the pranksters to raise their hands. I’m too poor to fly a plane, but I would have raised mine had I been there.

    Did you raise yours?

  3. I would guess zero though I would imagine some will vote for him in the privacy of the polling both. It seems that in the 2016 election lots of people voted for him notwithstanding when polled they said the opposite.

  4. I wonder what quantity of open support Bernie, Biden, Buttigieg, or Pocahantas would get with the same crowd.

    During the 2016 election,the contempt for wretched Hillary within New York City was just as strong as dislike for Trump.

    • Was that zero or one (=0!) I wonder.
      The former would be a request for information, the latter request for support.

    • This is somewhat confusing to me. Most pilots are fairly conservative. The reason for this is that a pilot must take a large amount of personal responsibility. Most people who do not support the president are entirely incapable and unwilling to take any responsibility for themselves.

    • Who do you think you’re kidding, Toucan Sam? Conservatives don’t believe in personal responsibility. Conservatives only believe in TALKING about personal responsibility without ever actually TAKING any personal responsibility.

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