5 thoughts on “Mixed Messages in the Bahamas

  1. It’s nice that Facebook is sponsoring safe sex in the Bahamas.

    Someone needs to photoshop a meme with the Zuck handing out a box of Trojan Ultra Ribbed with the Specialty Drinks sign in the background, and a big Like button. Mark Zuckerberg sez: “Use a rubber EVERYTIME!”

  2. The seafood looks colorful and tempting – but the last time I ate seafood from a street vendor outside the US, I had rocket-diarrhea for 2 weeks.

    • If you’re Part 91 (private flying in a rented flight school airplane or your own plane), I am not sure that anything is required by U.S. regulation. It has to be a “for hire” flight, such as a charter (see FAR 91.205: “If the aircraft is operated for hire over water and beyond power-off gliding distance from shore, approved flotation gear readily available to each occupant and, unless the aircraft is operating under part 121 of this subchapter, at least one pyrotechnic signaling device. As used in this section, “shore” means that area of the land adjacent to the water which is above the high water mark and excludes land areas which are intermittently under water.”) In practice, I haven’t heard of anyone doing this without at least life jackets for everyone. We had a 4-person raft, life jackets, PLB, flares, etc.

    • I think that the Bahamian regulations are a little more stringent and at least life jackets are required for a private flight. In reality, I didn’t see any ramp checks going on so I think this is something that the authorities expect aircraft operators to do voluntarily. The AOPA books about flying to the Bahamas and Caribbean are good sources for what to bring.

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