7 thoughts on “State of Emergency in San Francisco

  1. Well, same goes just before an asteroid hit – who do you save when the cave only fits a few? With a larger and larger population base, how do you deal with those at the tail end of the personal drive and IQ distribution?
    BTW, regarding the whole coronavirus thing, companies working on the UVC LED technology will take care of it, and the very best of the bunch actually does come from the silicon valley.

  2. I’m torn between a cynical take that SF officials are just gaming public fear for FEMA dollars, and a decidedly non-cynical take that — given the number of people living and pooping on their streets — they might very well be uniquely susceptible for a terrible outbreak.

  3. All corona-virus cases, except just one, were reported in solidly blue states.
    Was it just a coincidence or an evil plan to meddle in our democratic process?

    • It will then be the second highly contagious and highly deadly pathogen affecting mostly Democrats. The first is socialism.

    • Socialism saves lives. Ask Bernie Sanders!
      For instance, there is no deadly pathogen in North Korea, while people are dying in the streets of South Korea. Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un proposed a simple and effective solution: preventive flu shots. If you have flu, you get shot.

  4. Phil, how do you think American Society would improve if trump-hating liberals were to start preaching what they practice? Getting them to do so seems to be one of the aims of your blog.

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