China will close its borders to Americans soon?

Right now we’ve tried to close our border with China. The US State Department says don’t go there. Airline flights have been cut back.

Yet what if the widely mocked Chinese government turns out to have been the only example of taking effective measures to stop the virus from spreading? China will soon be free of coronavirus while a pandemic rages in most of the world’s countries (thinly populated Finland escaped the 1348 Black Death, but they’ve already suffered from COVID-19).

A Japanese friend based in Shanghai told me that the Chinese are beginning to establish quarantines for visitors arriving from South Korea and Japan (confirmed via Reuters). When do they say that Americans aren’t welcome or have to be in a dog kennel for two weeks?

5 thoughts on “China will close its borders to Americans soon?

  1. Can’t we just self-identify as Chinese?
    The Chinese leadership dislike Donald Trump as much as we do, which proves we can agree on something.

    • >> Who is we?
      Everyone who wants to go to China, whatever their reason.
      Anyone can become an equal-opportunity Chinese, even the Harvard dropouts!
      I am very confident that their government will obey the rules set out by the SJW: just watch.

  2. We’ve been living in the twilight zone for the last 3and a half years.
    It is so surreal, that we have learned to wait for Government leaders to tell
    Us when to breath that sometimes I wonder if we have been hypnotized
    Somehow. I remember when we trusted no one over 30.
    But here we are. It’s up to each individual entity to make the right choice
    For themselves in order to servive as intelligent species. God bless us all

  3. I am so grateful that we have a President like Donald Trump,
    It’s good for our Nation that is suffering this pandemic to have a good laugh
    Every now and then from a good comedian to raise our spirits.

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