9 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau can wear blackface 24/7 now

    • Coronavirus is a new Russia. Coronavirus is at war with our democracy!
      As they say on Twitter, #Trumpsvirus

    • We Canadians, are planning to send Justin and Sophie to the White House right away to introduce the new “Corona Face” to the US.

    • Just a note to readers. Pavel is a foreigner who is trying to meddle in our elections. This may be a crime!!!

  1. Bolsonaro just tested positive after having dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago last Saturday, so he and his press secretary have it. Pence was there too. If Trump and Pence die, Nancy Pelosi becomes the President. She can meet with Trudeau in blackface, bring along Ralph Northam and Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas and they’ll have a big diversity party. Pelosi can claim she’s 1/4 Chinese.

  2. By the way Pete Buttigieg has proven that he’s the only white politician in America who can make fun of how Latinx people have funny accents when he wheeled out “Guillermo” like Speedy Gonzalez covered in PETE buttons and bumperstickers, to mangle his last name. So maybe he and Guillermo should get invites to the diversity party.

    “I feel great, Mr. Pete!”
    “Mister Pete Buttacheese”

    Starting at 4:04 in his monologue, the first openly gay Presidential candidate gets to use Latino accents as a joke:

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