Are celebrities jumping the coronavirus testing queues doing us a favor?

From yesterday: “Elite versus Non-Elite access to COVID-19 testing”.

On further reflection, however, maybe celebrities jumping the queue are doing us a favor. We’ve learned that Harvey Weinstein (68), Jackson Browne (71), and Prince Charles (also 71) have tested positive for coronavirus and are recovering at home from their flu-type symptoms.

These guys are not examples of youth, vibrant health, or genetic diversity, right? They probably wouldn’t have been tested if they’d been ordinary peasants. Can we relax a bit knowing that (a) their positive diagnoses suggest that a reasonably high percentage of the population has already been exposed (consistent with the Oxford epidemiologists who may never be interviewed by America’s hysteria-dependent media), and (b) their mild symptoms suggest a lower-than-expected percentage of the infected need medical intervention?

[Ironic: Jackson Browne was infected in Wuhan on the Hudson at a concert to benefit victims of a different virus: HIV (New York Post). He came out of an “anti-Trump” concert in 2017 unscathed, fortunately, and also a crowded event in Los Angeles: “Trump loathing unifies the diverse crowd at the massive L.A. women’s march”. If Jackson Browne’s case had become serious, his life might have been saved by the president he loathes, since Trump sent one of the Navy’s two hospital ships to Browne’s home city of Los Angeles (the other one is going to New York City). Trump could certainly have sent the ships to Florida and Texas, right? Or addressed the inequality that New Yorkers and Californians decry by sending the ships to lower-income states such as Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and South Carolina. Will Democrats in LA and NYC at least send a thank-you note to Trump even if they will never vote for him?]

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts we have limited information on the non-celebrities. The March 25 update says that there are 1838 “confirmed cases”. Are they watching Netflix at home? Or near death on a ventilator in an ICU? For 1385 the answer is “Under investigation”. 103 are known to be hospitalized and 350 are known to be “not hospitalized”. Is it truly impossible for our state public health officials to call up the hospitals and ask “How many COVID-19 inpatients do you have right now?” (Contrast to Texas, where the governor has ordered daily reports on bed availability. (with hundreds of billions of dollars invested in health care IT, why aren’t these data already streamed up to each state’s department of health?).)


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    • I am sorry Sam:
      I have always supported you funky ideas. 🙂 And I am so sorry to say this.

      I beg you, if you possibly can, please help support as many ethnic businesses as you can, wherever you are, whatever the language they may choose to peak, wherever you are shopping. Those are our fellow Americans after all, and they may be not as rich as we think Please.

      You may reap the benefits later, but let us help support life. If you are ever in NYC, I will gladly guide you what to eat. and where :))) You can always rely on the stupid Yelp if you choose so.
      Our family businesses are starving to death.

    • Please don’t make a choice based on a race or a skin color. Don’t behave as a a f*** or a registered Democrat. Please support life.

  1. We need help in our communities if we possibly can: If you have any spare money to spend, please do!

    Please make it sure your \help is totally color-blind (for instance, Koreans have survived two death marches in the former USSR, so how many more deaths do you want?), otherwise please register to the party of Biden’s corpse and get the f** out of here (please follow @Vince and other liar an wacker propagandists on the way out).. If you want to sue, me please. go ahead.

    Otherwise please help out as many fellow Americans of all races, ethnic backgrounds, and genders as you possibly can! All you have to do is ask them for a service that you are not willing to do do yourselves for as much as you are wlling to pay/ Please!

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