Oregon redefines “Abundance of Caution” by shutting down online schools

“Oregon’s Virtual Charter Schools Are the Definition of Social Distancing. The State Shut Them Down Anyway.” (Willamette Week) is kind of spectacular.

One potential concern for school districts: Because online charter schools already have fully developed curricula that can serve idle students right away, parents of children who attend brick-and-mortar schools might be inclined to transfer their students to the virtual schools.

“Enrollment of new students to virtual public charter schools during the closure would impact school funding for districts across Oregon and therefore may impact the distribution of state school funds and delivery of services as directed under the executive order,” the [Oregon Department of Education] said in its guidance to districts.

An abundance of caution!

13 thoughts on “Oregon redefines “Abundance of Caution” by shutting down online schools

  1. ‘Abundance of caution’ = Cowardice

    To put things in a medieval context — Cowardice is a function of sloth, not fear. Fear of God is a virtue, fear of aught else is vanity. ‘Though I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me.’

  2. Teachers Unions gotta be protected. How else do politicians in Oregon get elected?

    Will they tell people who home school not to school their kids at home while they’re on lockdown in their home?

  3. An Israeli mom regarding the forced transition to learning from home: “Now our children will find out how stupid we are.”

  4. Can’t let online schools rustle the livestock. Friend’s kid’s school got everything online, kid gets his weeks worth of work finished about 3 hours after it is posted. After a forced dose of online homeschooling a lot of kids ain’t going back. No matter how hard they try to suppress the option. Coming soon relaxed graduation standards for regular school and increased restrictions on taking the GED.

  5. In Ohio the brick and mortar schools are having the children do online school through the schools they attend because Ohio cares about their education. My daughter is on zoom with her brick and mortar teacher right now.
    I am really not sure what is going on in Oregon I am just happy we do not live there.

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