Entrepreneur vs. government worker perspectives on Coronaplague

A serial entrepreneur friend forwarded an email from a local 8th grade teacher:

I have decided to take up a new hobby as a way to get outside and stay healthy and I thought why not try to run again?! I ran a half marathon 5 years ago and have tried to avoid running since because I didn’t train properly and hurt my foot. Now I know to stretch before and after so I figured now’s the time!! It’s been nice yesterday and today and I hope the nice weather continues!!

I have also been doing a lot of “virtual” time with my family and friends. It is very hard not to see anyone but this makes it feel a little easier for me. As an update, my dog no longer barks at people when we go on walks so she is getting better behaved which is also a positive!!

I miss you all very much, it makes me realize how much I love my job (which I already knew!!) and how important you are all to me. I hope you’re all taking care and finding ways to stay busy!

His commentary:

I’d love that fucking job too.

(Our teachers are still getting paid at 100 percent, but need not provide online instruction; see “The economic inequality of coronavirus”)

8 thoughts on “Entrepreneur vs. government worker perspectives on Coronaplague

  1. Weird seeing a teacher write runon sentences without any commas. Does she still pronounce the letter T? Millennial english is so different from 40 years ago.

    Only 1 man needs to run half marathons nowadays: the lone athlete still going to the Tokyo olympics, Philip Greenspun.

  2. Jokes on them. A lot of kids ain’t going back to regular school. The one thing their gold plated contracts can’t protect them from is a lack of enrolled students.

    • +1

      I’ve been in an elementary school classroom as a volunteer. I am exhausted after an hour.

    • School teaching must be the only job left available for women after the men gobble up all the good bricklaying and plumbing jobs.

    • Of course, it’s nonsense. If he would love that fucking job, has he started looking into applying for a teaching job? Generally, this kind of dopey animosity towards teachers is just part of the pro-business, pro-rich guy, screw the middle class philosophy. Most teachers are both government employees and union members, so they’re major villains in that world view.

  3. > I didn’t train properly and hurt my foot. Now I know to stretch before and after so I figured now’s the time!!

    Pro-tips for your friend:
    – Stretching has little or nothing to do with avoiding running injuries.
    – Injuries come from the wrong shoes (runners love to complain about shoes). Its worth the $+50% cost to buy shoes from specialty running store where they assess your gait + supination/pronation, then sell you an appropriate shoe (bring old shoes to store so they can see the wear pattern on the sole).
    – Injuries come from doing too much too quickly. Assess your condition, then increase training distances 10% per week (or less); pushing harder than that usually ends badly, often just before the planned event/race.
    – Injuries also come from weak muscles. Supplement running with strength training for legs and hips. Adding 3x(50 jump lunges + 50 jumps w 45lbs + 20 bodyweight deadlift) 2x/week to marathon training greatly improved my post-race recovery.

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