Making $200/hour on the coronapanic front line

Text from a pilot:

A good friend’s daughter works at a local restaurant in summer breaks from college. They called her up and offered her $40 an hour to come and hand out the take out orders because they could not get anyone employed full time before to show up until unemployment runs out. She ended up making $800 for one shift because the guilty-conscience of the Wellesley Elite was tipping her $20 for each bag of food she brought to their Mercedes while saying “Thank you for your front line service”.

Now that the summer heat is upon us and wearing a mask will become more uncomfortable, what will be the additional wage that employers will have to pay to entice workers into these jobs where hours of mask use is required?


2 thoughts on “Making $200/hour on the coronapanic front line

  1. Not bad! It’s almost as good as using breach data to defraud the unemployment system!

    BOSTON — Organized crime syndicates are using personal information stolen in earlier data breaches to file fraudulent unemployment claims in Massachusetts and other states…The problem was discovered over the weekend. <—!!

    MA's Data Breach reporting system stats. These just reflect the *reported* breaches:

    2020's list so far. 34 pages long. Have a look at the preferred targets.

  2. Forget about the extra pay for mask wearing – how does a takeout restaurant afford $40 an hour for anyone to hand out bags of food? At Alta Strada ( ), the Gluten Free Spaghetti Alla Vodka is $21. That’s a lot of $$ for some noodles and a little shot of booze, but their phones must be ringing nonstop (“We are experiencing heavy call volume.”)

    They also offer grocery boxes so that nobody even has to visit a supermarket! $150 for a “Complete Box” including 4 rolls of toilet paper.

    Doing well and doing good: the extensive Black Lives Matter page at Wellesley, so you can read up about intersectionality while enjoying your Gemelli alla Bolognese & Artichoke Ravioli with brown butter, sage, cherry tomatoes, smoked mozzarella & aleppo.

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