Decorating a re-reducation camp for children who resist the rainbow flag religion

From the Pottery Barn Kids, Burlington (MA) Mall:

Happy Pride Month!

(The Mall has escaped firebombing, as far as I know, due to being out in the suburbs and having been closed for months (#AbundanceOfCaution).)

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17 thoughts on “Decorating a re-reducation camp for children who resist the rainbow flag religion

    • >>PROYGBIV

      Pink Denier. The science is settled.

      Also, I have some bad news to share about Pluto.

  1. Why do 2-3% of the population get a whole month (8.3% of the year) dedicated to their sexual preference? Shouldn’t they just get a week (1.9%) or so? Where is the equity?!

    • @Viking: We are here in 2020 and in truth, our tools to fight the plague are scarcely more advanced than anything Joseph Lister (Listerine) had at his disposal in the 1860s and 70s. At least we’re not still using carbolic acid fogs.

      It’s obvious that we’re developing a much more effective system of invasive technological surveillance and control. That will be our lasting “contribution” to civilization from this pandemic.

  2. For the children. Always for the children. Goal has always been to add the letter P to the gay mafia’s alphabet of permission.

  3. Let’s make it a little more literary:

    “Wilde took a key out of his pocket and showed me into a tiny apartment of two rooms… The youths followed him, each of them wrapped in a burnous that hid his face. Then the guide left us and Wilde sent me into the further room with little Mohammed and shut himself up in the other with the [other boy]. Every time since then that I have sought after pleasure, it is the memory of that night I have pursued. […] My joy was unbounded, and I cannot imagine it greater, even if love had been added. How should there have been any question of love? How should I have allowed desire to dispose of my heart? No scruple clouded my pleasure and no remorse followed it. But what name then am I to give the rapture I felt as I clasped in my naked arms that perfect little body, so wild, so ardent, so sombrely lascivious? For a long time after Mohammed had left me, I remained in a state of passionate jubilation, and though I had already achieved pleasure five times with him, I renewed my ecstasy again and again, and when I got back to my room in the hotel, I prolonged its echoes until morning.[30]” – André Gide

    “…the greatest French writer of this century by the literary cognoscenti.”[1]”

  4. The North American Man Boy Love Association was an early proponent of relaxing sexual taboos. They played a big part in the early Pride marches of the 1970’s. Poet Allen Ginsberg was an member of NAMBLA.

    As @Alex’s Gide passage shows, Oscar Wilde was a boy lover. His conviction for the sodomy of boys is now considered an injustice by Woke literati.

    Our Afghan allies, the Pashtun tribe, are all boy lovers. American troops faced court martial for interfering in the local custom of raping boys.

    I understand pizzagate is a conspiravy theory about pederasty.

    We are bankrupting the Boy Scouts and Catholic dioceses for decades-old transgressions, while we require our children be indoctrinated into the same zeitgeist that promotes such abomination.

    The biblical ‘abomination’ serves well in describing men diddling boys, and allied perversions.

  5. You can read Parenting Magazine for the story of the 11 year old child who taught zirself in sixth grade about being nonbinary by looking it up online.

    Her birth name is now her “deadname”.

    “I was first introduced to the concept of not having to identify with either gender in sixth grade, when one of my friends came out to me as nonbinary. I researched online and learned about different identities, that being nonbinary actually existed. Looking at people’s experiences, I realized that I was similar to them. Female pronouns didn’t feel okay, and before I came out, being called “she” or referred to as “her” was painful. I never minded he/him, but it also didn’t feel quite right.”

    Surprised they don’t have a Nintendo sitting there so kids can play Animal Crossing:

    “For example, with the release of the new Animal Crossing game, there is no option for gender—simply a more masculine character and a more feminine character.”

  6. Once you finish outfitting your tot’s new bedroom and want to think ahead for this year’s birthday party, you might need some entertainment. So make sure you call up a family of clown nuns and do it right!

    “Rev Hicks, 31, is a gender queer Sister of Perpetual Indulgence who created a family of clown nuns (West Philadelphia)”

    “The extended drag weirdos of Philadelphia is kind of like my family here….It’s like my identity as a clown nun has been stronger and more integrated than many of my other identities for a period of time. It’s one of those things where it’s just kind of like, when I experienced it and had the ability to grab onto it, it was like” “OK, I definitely know I’m this.”

    Here’s the Boston chapter. You’ll note that Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

    Of course, this was a big issue for Beto O’Rourke last year.

  7. My sister had rainbow pillowcases and similar items in her bedroom when she was a kid around 40 years ago. It had nothing to do with LGBT rights. There was a lot of rainbow-themed stuff marketed to girls at the time and she happened to like it.

    But this post and the responses are an amazing reaction to a quilt and some other stuff at Pottery Barn or whatever. Think about the list of things discussed here: re-education camps, religion, Oscar Wilde, pizzagate. pederasty, NAMBLA. It makes one wonder where all of this comes from and what purpose it serves.

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