8 thoughts on “Helicopter pilot and cosmetics entrepreneur

  1. So not a Philg post… where is the controversial aspect. Some type of attempt to bring out something new that we didn’t see before! Must be one of those “posting every day.”

  2. Michelle Sherrill isn’t my congresswoman, but she is nearby. She was an SH-3 Sea King helicopter pilot in the Navy. I have no idea if this is impressive or not, but it sounds good. Also, she is no AOC but she isn’t bad looking for a politician.

  3. Can’t blame her for wanting to branch out into a more stable venture. A helicopter tour businesses has too many ups and downs …

  4. She’s very pretty and has great taste. She can fly my helicopter any time! Good luck with the cosmetics venture. Guys know it’s extra effort to wear them and we do appreciate it. Anyone who says otherwise is hopeless, in my book.

  5. The City by the Sea tour must be a real short flight for $180. Just enough to hover for a few seconds. The emphasis on marriage proposal flights shows how much money is made by setting people up for a lifetime of misery.

    She charges $700 per hour for charters & flight instruction. It would be interesting to try flying the helicopter for part of a charter flight.

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