The Frito Bandito delivers a lecture on Black Lives Matter

Who knew that the Frito Bandito was an expert on social justice? Frito-Lay’s Doritos brand delivers Do You Hear Us Now? #AmplifyBlackVoices via YouTube:

On the YouTube site, the company says “Doritos is taking meaningful action in the push for real change.”

(How many tens of thousands of pounds have black Americans gained from eating Doritos while locked into their apartments and houses for 4+ months during coronapanic? Maybe the “real change” Frito-Lay is talking about is transitioning from obesity to morbid obesity?)

From the slender friend who sent this to me: “I’ll do a 180 on social justice warriors if they get Doritos cancelled. So gross. Cool ranch Doritos are an abomination.” (she also coined the term “coronapudge”)


17 thoughts on “The Frito Bandito delivers a lecture on Black Lives Matter

  1. Do normal people fall for the pandering? And a full disclosure Toucan Sam does not care about Black Lives Matter.

  2. My high school spanish teacher was a native castillian – he would bring in native instructors from other spanish speaking countries to advise us. The instructor from baja california said “You all need to channel the frito bandito when you talk”.

    Your anti-doritos friend needs to understand that strict regimentation should never be advocated based on your own preferences. The order to get rid of doritos will also include quinoa.

  3. If racism is so prevalent, why aren’t any major corporations pandering to racists? Isn’t there a major untapped market to appeal to?

    • You just don’t get it yet and you need to do some wokeness remediation training. That’s all they’ve been doing until now was pandering to racists. The system itself is racist, and the use of one-dimensional, derogatory stereotypes exists to sell products to racists while normalizing the white supremacist hierarchy. Black people (and others) who bought those products were subsidizing racism and enriching giant corporations led by white male appropriators, through their own false consciousness and lack of agency. They exploited themselves, not by choice — because there was no choice. You can read more about the Frito Bandito here:

      “One example comes from Frito-Lay’s 1967 introduction of the Frito Bandito—a greasy, pudgy character who would steal Anglos’ Frito corn chips at gunpoint (Noriega, 2000). The company launched several commercials depicting the corporate mascot singing: “Ayiee, yie-yie-yieeee/I am dee Frito Bandito/I love Frito’s Corn Chips/I love dem I do/I love Frito’s Corn Chips/I take dem from you.”Chicano groups such as the National Mexican-American Anti-Defamation Committee and Involvement of Mexican-Americans in Gainful Endeavors organized and appealed to Frito-Lay on moral grounds to remove the negative image and replace it with a more positive one. In response, Frito-Lay “sanitized” the bandito, deciding to remove his gun and his gold tooth, making him less grimacing—an utter disregard for the moral pleas that the image was damaging to Mexican Americans. It was only after the threat of a class action anti-defamation lawsuit on behalf of the 6.1 million Mexican Americans in the United States at the time that Frito-Lay dropped the corporate mascot, after four years of immense profiteering (Carrillo,2003; Noriega, 2000).”

    • @Alex

      It is frightening how convincingly you woke-speak. I’ve been eating Fritos since at least 1978 — reluctantly, as I never liked them much. Today is the first time I have ever heard of the Frito Bandito. Thank goodness the Educational Industrial Outrage Complex has revived its memory.

    • @Mememe: There’s a lot more, I know (or knew) it pretty well. Twenty years ago I wrote 3/4ths of a dissertation for a graduate student covering most of these subjects from the perspective of clinicial psychology. I myself had never taken a Psych. course beyond undergrad 101, but I was exceptionally motivated — by various things. She wasn’t very good at research or academic writing, and I picked it up pretty fast. Long story.

      The short version is that I studied a lot of the literature that existed at the time on the subjects of race, class, gender identity and social justice, looking at them through the lens of an incipient clinical psychologist. There’s really not too much to learn – anyone with a modicum of intellectual ability and some time could pick it up in three or four months, which is how long it took me to write the thing.

      The dissertation was approved after one minor review cycle. She got the degree, which I had promised her I would make sure of. There have been a few changes to the Social Justice Canon since then but the thinking is familiar. “Like riding a bike…”

    • I also had the benefit of working for a time in the outpatient psychiatry/psychology department of a major urban hospital, where I befriended and/or became acquainted with about a dozen clinicians, including one fellow who was a child psychiatrist of some eminence who also wrote children’s books in his spare time. He didn’t know how to use a computer very well, which was becoming a problem because all of his publishers had “gone digital” and no longer accepted typewritten drafts and manuscripts. I hooked him up, we started at a Best Buy, and I helped him buy all the equipment and then tutored him privately while he shared some insights and perspective gleaned from his career of more than 40 years.

      During that time at the hospital I learned quite a bit, including the sales tactics of major drug company reps. Fun stuff. Let’s put it this way: pharmaceutical companies tend to choose women who are exceptionally attractive as their field reps. if the doctor they’re talking to is a cisgender, heteronormative male. At least, that was true then, about 95% of the time.

  4. Why focus on this smarmy Doritos ad? — why not focus on Nike, which manufactures overpriced sneakers in third world sweatshops, which are then sold to inner city African Americans at grotesque markups promoted by overpaid con men like Colin Kapernick — and then we hear how the public schools in NYC can’t go on line because that would disadvantage inner city youths — who supposedly don’t have the money to buy a computer, which would cost about the same as their sneakers. You would think that if the key thing needed was computers the looting would have been at electronics stores, rather than stores that sell overpriced handbags and athletic shoes.

  5. The Caucasoid cis-heteropatriarchy must atone for centuries of oppression. Capitalist structures are essentially phallocratic edifices to whiteness and have been developed solely to oppress wymyn and POC. This New Erais the beginning of a dynasty of revolt.

    Let a thousand flowers bloom! Let a million transwomen rule! Praise Goddess!

    • I’m going to try like hell to work “phallocratic edifices” into a sentence, and spring it on someone before the end of the day. It’s a unique challenge, but I feel I’m up to it.

  6. Intersectional, anti-kyriarchical and Foucaultian. Thank you.

  7. Bring back Wonder Woman Doritos. But really, the box office shows the exact opposite of media polls. No-one wants anything to do with the social justice themes in movies that they vote & protest for.

    • Yup. Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences, too. Even more reason why she is headed to the Gulag – and I’ll be very surprised if any of the cowards at that school ever put their names on a piece of paper objecting to it. They won’t.
      They’re all afraid. These people do not understand what they have enabled over the past 20 years, but they’re going to live through it now.

    • “You might be interested to know that I have NEVER (in a 40 year career) been accused of racism.”

      I don’t think she even realizes how doomed she is by writing that statement. If she wants to do anything with her life in academics from now on, though, she’ll have to have a conversion moment, because her mind is worthless as it exists right now.

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