Robot overlords versus dog with upset tummy

We are told that we will soon be replaced by robots. An account of one of our future overlords cleaning the house…

So … one [of] my dogs had a BAD accident and then my Roomba went off at 4 am as scheduled. After cleaning up for 2 hours and tossing the disgusting Roomba, I need to replace it. It was 5 years old so I am sure there are new features out there. Any specific recs? I’m not married to the brand but I did love it. Until today.

Our manual vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem so bad after reading this.

2 thoughts on “Robot overlords versus dog with upset tummy

  1. I read about a similar account. The roomba spread the dog poop all over the house. Roomba gifted him a new unit.

  2. LOL by overlords you mean pets. If aliens ever visited our planet and they saw one species cleaning up the shit of another species, they would draw an interesting conclusion about which one was in charge.

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