Looks like I picked the wrong week to sell stock in a coronavirus testing company (Harvard)

“Harvard will allow some students on campus this fall so long as they take coronavirus tests every 3 days” (CNBC):

Tuition will not be lowered from $49,653, although students enrolled remotely will not pay room and board fees.

Harvard said it hopes to invite seniors to campus for the spring semester assuming conditions allow the college to maintain 40% residential density.

Students will have to undergo Covid-19 testing upon arrival and every three days afterward.

Any exceptions in Victimhood Nation?

Upperclassmen will be able to petition to return if they don’t have sufficient technology at home or have challenging family circumstances.

Let the Victim Narratives compete!

Where will they get all of the swabs?!?

Harvard Yard on April 1:

6 thoughts on “Looks like I picked the wrong week to sell stock in a coronavirus testing company (Harvard)

  1. But also students currently abroad can’t come for in person because consulates are not processing visas

  2. Who is going to win the live in slots at Harvard? Diversity types or Legacy types? Or the I need a lab because I’m Asian types? If daddy makes a big donation does your ‘need’ to live on campus increase?

  3. The federal government should not be providing grants and guaranteeing loans for higher education.

    Let colleges guarantee student loans through their endowments. Let student loans be dischargeable through bankruptcy.

    Break up and prosecute the textbook cartels — revoke all copyright protection for educational purposes.

    Let’s make education affordable again.

  4. Pooled testing will help. I believe they are bringing down the cost and increasing the convenience of testing.

    I don’t have any symptoms. Last week, to see what it’s like, I had a Covid test from my county and it was cotton swab inside the nostrils, about half an inch, for 30 seconds. Not too bad. The turnaround time was really slow–5-7 days. That isn’t quick enough to do much good, IMHO.

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