Donald Trump is a dictator and the U.S. is the worst place in the world for Coronaplague…

… however, according to M.I.T. and Harvard, it is essential for the welfare of foreigners that they stay here in the U.S. to be governed by Donald Trump and subjected to an unmitigated textbook-style coronaplague. See “Harvard and MIT sue Trump administration over online-only instruction for foreign students in the US” (CNN):

Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Wednesday sued the Trump administration over its guidance not allowing foreign students to take online-only courses in the US this fall semester.

Harvard announced earlier this week that all course instruction will be delivered online, including for students living on campus. In a statement provided to CNN, the university said the guidance stands to affect approximately 5,000 international students.

“The order came down without notice—its cruelty surpassed only by its recklessness. It appears that it was designed purposefully to place pressure on colleges and universities to open their on-campus classrooms for in-person instruction this fall, without regard to concerns for the health and safety of students, instructors, and others,” Harvard University President Larry Bacow said.

The lawsuit also underscores the challenge posed to students: “Just weeks from the start of the fall semester, these students are largely unable to transfer to universities providing on-campus instruction, notwithstanding ICE’s suggestion that they might do so to avoid removal from the country.”

If Trump is as bad as these folks say and the U.S. is an example of spectacular incompetence in managing the only thing that matters to humanity anymore (coronaplague), why wouldn’t the best thing for foreign students be an airlift back to relative coronasafety and government competence in their respective home countries?

(This is especially critical as we are informed by U.S. media that the typical victim of Covid-19 is a previously healthy teenager.)

A recent photo from a Robinson R44 of the empty Harvard campus:

(credit: my friend Tony)

11 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a dictator and the U.S. is the worst place in the world for Coronaplague…

  1. You would think that the universities would be indifferent, that if foreign kids were barred their places could be taken by kids from the good old US of A. But Bacow’s hysteria shows that there’s a lot of money at stake because these kids’ families pay the rack rate and the universities need them to subsidize the nonsense. I mean the kids from the PRC don’t come to Harvard and MIT to pursue grievance studies. And their government needs them to hoover up whatever technology we have left. It would be interesting to know just where the kids are from and how much money is at stake.

  2. It is all about the money. Part of what these schools are selling is to be in the USA, but they don’t share that income through taxes or other payments with the rest of the USA.

  3. “these students are largely unable to transfer to universities providing on-campus instruction”

    I don’t believe this. Just about any university will accept a transfer from Harvard or MIT.

  4. The white students need to be exposed to the diversity to fight muh racism of course/sarcasm With the students only allowed to hang out in pre-declared groups that many universities are doing the diversity for everyone’s benefit argument no longer works.

  5. I zoomed waaaaay in on that photo of Harvard and there’s isn’t anybody there! I looked in the windows, I scanned the rooftops, I even used my X-Ray plugin for Photoshop and there was nobody in any of the buildings! How do they keep this charade going? /sarc

    Meanwhile, the latest apocalyptic news says that coronavirus antibodies don’t seem to last very long, which we might expect from a coronavirus, since we don’t develop lasting immunity to colds, either. So everyone may need vaccine booster shots every few months for the rest of their lives lives. Obviously if the virus is so horrific that towns in Colorado are getting ready to put people in jail for up to a year for not wearing masks, we’re going to need permanent mandatory immunization.

  6. A year in jail for not wearing a mask, yet they emptied the prisons of violent offenders so the violent offenders didn’t get chinkiepox. I’m slightly starting to doubt our betters in gov’t, science and academia. Just a little bit of doubting, I’ll try to stop and believe fully, please don’t take my precious college degree away.

    • Add that some protest gatherings are pronounced dangerous, and others pronounced safe, depending on the protest. Not confidence inspiring.

      And, can you please just stop with chinkiepox? Not funny and definitely not creative if that’s what you were aiming for.

    • Steve: I think your criticism of GB’s nickname for the virus is a good illustration of the downside of getting everyone in a society to focus on coronaplague. Almost everyone WILL focus on it. But not everyone will have the approved sentiments and use the approved language.

  7. Is yellow fever better? How about Kung Flu? There are a pile of joke names out there alluding to the ‘alleged’ origin of this years flu. Hello internet. If you really want to be offended go watch a mainstream 1980’s comedy movie. PG rated comedies in the 80’s were less politically correct then the current clown world internet.

  8. The real irony is that colleges and universities like Harvard requested the “no online classes” immigration rule years ago as an anti-competitive measure. None of the established schools trusted the others, much less any upstarts, to resist the lure of selling highly-profitable “distance education” degrees to foreigners in the absence of a government-enforced “residential only” cartel arrangement.

    • Awrrrk: I wasn’t aware of that history, but it makes a lot of sense. Do you have any references for this?

      Certainly a foreigner without infinite cash would be far better off paying than Harvard!

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