Oshkosh (EAA AirVenture) would have started today

Pilots of homebuilt, antique, and retired military aircraft would have been gathering in Oshkosh leading up to today’s official opening of EAA AirVenture.

The event, of course, would have been shut down by the governor even if the organization had tried to proceed. So we’re left with memories from last year. Here’s Bo Feldman, age 18, who made it to Oshkosh, Wisconsin by powered parachute…. from Florida!

Who wants to bet on whether coronapanic shuts down Oshkosh 2021? (WHO: “I would say in a four to five-year timeframe, we could be looking at controlling this.”)


3 thoughts on “Oshkosh (EAA AirVenture) would have started today

  1. That’s one brave kid. Compare and contrast with the CEO of Facebook, and you can see everything that is wrong with our world:

    Mark Zuckerberg decides to get out from behind the screen and go surfing in Hawaii. He needs:

    1) A $12,000 electric surf/hoverboard.
    2) A security detail following him in a boat (I’m sure they’re well-armed).
    3) A professional surfer (Kai Lenny) alongside him for moral support.
    4) A sweatshirt to protect his tender nipples from the sun.
    5) A gallon of Sunblock 5000 in titanium white.


    Sunblock 5000 (Robocop 2, 1990)


    The sixth-richest man in the world doesn’t even have the balls to go surfing like a semi-regular human being. And he will survive the apocalypse on his $100 million dollar estate in Kauai. The world no longer belongs to the brave and the hardworking, it belongs to the shits, and it’s going to get worse.

  2. It’s been proven eaa oshkosh is a racist event. There are not nearly enough black people in attendance. #canceloshkosh

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