Now legal to bring our filthy bags into Maskachusetts grocery stores

“Reusable Bags Allowed Again In Massachusetts Grocery Stores” (CBS):

Reusable bags have been cleared to return to checkout lines in Massachusetts, with a previous ban now removed in the latest round of Baker administration guidance affecting grocery stores.

“This is a home run — good for the environment, for public health, for reducing waste, and for protecting both workers and shoppers,” MASSPIRG executive director Janet Domenitz said in a statement.

“Reinstating bags bans, effective immediately, doesn’t give business owners a chance to use up their stock of existing plastic bags or a chance to stock back up on paper bags if they need them. Even 30-60 days advance notice would have been a help,” Reibman wrote. “?It’s bad enough that store workers have to enforce mask wearing. Requiring cashiers to be the ones who inform customers this week that they have to pay for bags again, is just cruel.”

We’ve seen how powerful a virus can be, generating enough fear to paralyze a society of 330 million, for example, despite killing only about as many people as will be replaced in a few months of immigration (see “More than 1 million immigrants arrive in the U.S. each year.”). We watch as $billions continue to be spent on obsessive sanitizing of every surface that is reachable with a Lyson wipe. Does it actually make sense to encourage people to bring their filthy bags into stores again? (for a canvas bag to do less harm to the environment than a series of disposable plastic ones, the canvas bag must be re-used literally hundreds of times (Oregon Public Broadcasting))

After all of this effort to turn our grocery stores into Japanese- or Swiss-style models of cleanliness, we’re going back to bags that have been soaked in germs for years?

Bonus… the Big Save market in Hawaii, 1990. Rollei 6×6 SLR and… film!

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  1. Important People are already lobbying the Governor to roll the state back to Stage 2.

    Mayor Curatone of Somerville never let his town enter Stage 3 in the first place and he’s lobbying the Governor to roll everything back statewide.

    “We’re not a selfless society, I’m sad to say that….”

    In Curatone’s mind, we must all become selfless and withstand indefinite lockdown until he decides we’ve suffered enough.

  2. And you don’t understand. Those reusable bags are an instrumental part of environmental stewardship in Massachusetts. It is impossible for them to be filthy. They are PURE.

  3. Lolz. They will virtue signal even if it kills them(which it won’t.) Bag Becky takes on Corona Karen.

  4. If I were a teenager I would be trolling social media with all the time I had on my hands without any school! I would amp up any absurdity that comes across in the news. For example, now women are complaining that masks allow men to stay aggressively at them!

    Wouldn’t it be fun to stage a mock protest against aggressive staring because of mask wearing? I wonder how absurd would things need to be until even the lefties think it is overkill? I really would like to know the limits.

    • GermanL:

      I regret to inform you that for the lefties there are no limits to absurdity until the societal structure bearing the weight of the absurd disintegrates, but that was the plan from the very beginning so everything is good. It may take 20-30 years or less. My bet is on slow Brezhnev style rot rather than some revolutionary change.

    • Brezhnev-style rot has been going on in US for decades already. It all started with all these “do not eat” labels on things which only toddlers would try to eat (and, of course, the fact that they cannot read didn’t stop saaaafety nazis from mandating the labels, lol). The leftists are starting to grow violent as they move from creeping pussification/absurdity phase to violent intimidation phase of their revolution. Hopefully, there’s enough right-thinking Americans to bring that revolution to a screeching stop by voting (and if that fails due to massive fraud, by physical extermination of the leftist cult).

    • It is very clear that leftist violence is accepted in today’s blue cities.

      When local government tells police to stand down effectively endorsing roadblocks that put people’s lives on danger, that is clearly worse than vigilantism.

      How can you be that oblivious to a clear danger to our freedom and way of life?

    • Donald: averros certainly is at best a heretic and at worst an infidel by the standards of American political religion. And he would be fired by most employers, e.g., Google or Facebook, if they knew of his heresies. But he is condemning a broad class of people (“leftists”) rather than a specific individual, so I think he is entitled to his opinion even if I think he is incorrect.

      (Why do I think averros is incorrect? I start with the label “leftists”, which I don’t think can be applied to any group of Americans because it implies that they have a coherent political philosophy. A desire to attain power and use that power to transfer wealth into one’s own pockets doesn’t count as a political philosophy that can be placed on the European “left-right” spectrum.)

      His hope for a “physical extermination of the leftist cult” is unfortunate, but he is giving us an accurate window into his thoughts. Maybe that is better than dishonesty.

      I disagree with him that Americans who want a bigger government that will promise to take care of their every need will need “massive fraud” to win an election. I think the typical American now yearns for a Soviet-style planned economy, if not the Soviet requirement that every citizen actually work (a Soviet family couldn’t spend three generations in public housing without anyone having a job, for example; a young Soviet couldn’t have sex with a dermatologist and then harvest child support exceeding the spending power of a primary care doctor (as is currently achievable here in Maskachusetts)). I noticed this for the first time in 2012 while watching a debate between a Democrat (Obama) and a Republican (Romney) and hearing both promise the same planned economy.

    • I agree with Phil that there will be no “massive fraud” and no resistance to the new Brezhnevite order implementation, much less violent resistance, as there was in 1917 in Russia for example. The battle for minds and hearts of the current and future generations was decisively won decades ago at schools and universities — the commie virus is unstoppable in the long run and the virus itself is the best example of the saying about the hell and good intentions as can easily be seen throughout the entire history of multiple commie pandemics in Russia, China, Cambodia, Venezuela, Cuba and other countries. Immunity acquired via gulags, starvation and other nice means lasts only one generation at best as the majority of immigrants from the former/currently communist countries would attest with their progeny being the best evidence of the immunity temporary nature.

      I will be very much surprised if the Democrats do not win both houses and the presidency with a credible margin in November. The good news is that with the current clownish variety of neo-marxist ideology, the country will skip violent revolution, military communism, Stalin’s mass extermination camps and will smoothly transition to the rot and decline stage.

      Lastly, I disagree that if the set of beliefs is incoherent(i.e. illogical and inconsistent) , it cannot be used to describe a group of people subscribing to that set of beliefs, see any religion as an example of such a group.

  5. Reusable bags back? Are these people crazy?

    Watch for the inevitable COVID death spike in September.

  6. My God, what has happened to you philg? I used to come to your site for insightful discussions on building scalable websites (and dogs!). Your blog has devolved into another Facebook cesspool. Goodbye and stay healthy

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