Boston Bruins hockey team and Black Lives Matter

“How Bruins Plan to Support Black Lives Matter During National Anthems” (NBC Boston):

The Bruins plan to lock arms during the playing of the Canadian and U.S. national anthems prior to games in the restarted 2020 NHL season, the team announced Tuesday.

The gesture will be “a sign of solidarity with the Black community,” per the team, and is “solely intended to be a positive sign of support for the Black community, and a way for us to use our platform to help end racism.”

Is this the ultimate proof that BLM is actually a movement by and for white people? (click on the photo below, the result of typing “Boston Bruins fans” into Google image search, and let me know if you see any people of color!)

14 thoughts on “Boston Bruins hockey team and Black Lives Matter

    • Toucan: What about the people who have painted their faces half-black and half-yellow? Do they qualify in your view? And WWJTD? (What Would Justin Trudeau Do?)

    • Phil, makes me wonder if asian people of color are as sensitive to yellow face as the black people of color, black face. I don’t think they qualify as people of color unless they claim they identify that way…. if that’s the case who are we to say no?

  1. Countless people I have met would be perfect subjects for a heartfelt "60 Minutes" retrospective on "The Riots of 2020." Minority immigrant business owners living "The American Dream," until one day vigilante whites come to town… But no such retrospectives have been forthcoming— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) July 27, 2020

    Anarchists in Portland and elsewhere use the mantra of “Black Lives Matter” as moral cover to engage in whatever insurrectionist activity they favored anyway. That’s what’s going on— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) July 28, 2020

  2. That just exposes that American society is incredibly hypocritical. As well as it starts to remind me more and more of “hail Hitler” ritual practiced by Germans in 1938-1945. Incredible pressure of being to told about BLM at every corner. Hopefully “Fly over” US states it still mostly sane yet.

  3. Cambridge is about to decide to stop the police from doing traffic law enforcement and leave it to unarmed citizens, because it will “reduce violence.”

    “The proposal states that Black and brown people are more likely to be pulled over and searched, and having a civilian conduct the stop would decrease the likelihood of violence.”

    I will absolutely never stop and pull over for anyone other than a police officer with a cruiser, lights and a uniform.

    • If the geniuses in Cambridge think it’s a good idea to have ordinary citizens conduct traffic stops and vehicle searches of potentially drunk, high, and otherwise messed-up people, some of them actual criminals with actual guns in their cars, it’s proof positive to me that they have completely lost their minds. It will be a cold day in hell that I will be stopped and possibly searched and detained while driving my car on a public thoroughfare by some RANDOM DUDE or anyone other than a police office with a badge number who is going to write me a citation that I can fight in court if I have to.

      You stop for police officers because they are COPS. They’re law enforcement. Everyone else is JOE SIXPACK and the City of Cambridge is in for a rude awakening if they think anyone should stop their car and possibly wait while being searched because some dork with a radar gun says “pull over.” I will roll my window down, tell them to go fuck themselves, and drive away. And you should too.

    • Alex: I think it will work! Americans might be the meekest group of human beings ever to walk (or mobility scooter across) Planet Earth. Almost nobody protested the loss of the First Amendment right to assemble, for example. Or the governor-ordered business closures that destroyed livelihoods. Does a government worker who wants to hassle a motorist regarding an expired inspection sticker really need a gun? Why not a radio to call the people with guns in the rare circumstance that violence seems like a possible outcome?

    • Alex: Remember that the people who used to be “criminals” now have a big stake in the system. They may be living in public housing. They are likely on taxpayer-funded health insurance and/or food stamps. They have a lot to lose by disobeying authority, even when the representative of that authority is unarmed. There are some exceptions, e.g., the Tsarnaev brothers ( ; they had been living on welfare in Maskachusetts for years, but were apparently more passionate about jihad than about retaining their benefits).

    • @Philg: Americans are proving themselves to be the meekest bunch of idiots I could ever imagine, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to follow their lead. I won’t do it, I will not pull over and stop my car for some ersatz ticket writer who isn’t an actual police officer. And any cop will tell you that by the time they know they have a situation with an armed criminal, the time to get on the radio has already passed. Criminals don’t broadcast their intentions. This is a good way to get people killed. By the time our intrepid government workers have the chance to call an actual cop, they’ll have holes in them.

      Police officers are trained for a reason. It’s a difficult, dangerous job and most of them do it very well. And I am not going to sit by and watch as cities start turning ordinary citizens into fake police and blurring the lines between law enforcement and regular citizens because of their neuroses.

      I’ll have more to say about this later on.

  4. off topic, but still in the realm of today’s craziness… I haven’t looked at sports illustrated swimsuit issue in years.. now I came across this:

    People in the USA have lost their collective minds. Since when did the mainstream man want to see that? Why is the media shoving this stuff down our throats?

    I want to return to the 1970s. With thin girls like Olivia Newton John.

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