$100 million to rebrand our local hospitals

If you want to know how much profit there is in the non-profit world… a friend who works at Partners told me that the enterprise will be spending more than $100 million to rebrand back to what is essentially their old names: “Mass General Brigham” (combination of Massachusetts General Hospital, a.k.a., “the Massive Genital”, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital). That’s confirmed by this article.

2 thoughts on “$100 million to rebrand our local hospitals

  1. I think the hospitals should augment their rebranding efforts by offering tattoo and piercing services for all their patients. Prior to surgery or other procedures, everyone can choose a tattoo and/or a decorative piercing with the hospital’s logo and a little picture of what procedure(s) you had done.

    As an option, you can have the doctors and OR team sign their work. This way, even if you get rushed to the hospital unconscious during a blackout that takes out the computers, everyone can see: “He had a splenectomy 9/19/2020 at Mass. General Brigham by Dr. Huang. This little heart means he also had a transthoracic echocardiogram a year later.”

    The fees collected from the body art will help support the industry and pay for the marketing, and it will help solve the problem of medical record incompatibility between different hospital systems, since your history will be written right there on your body.


    “Krutak found that tattoos on St. Lawrence Island also had a therapeutic purpose—as do many other ancient tattoo traditions. For example, researchers have noted that some of the tattoos found on Ötzi the Iceman, the 5,300-year-old glacial mummy discovered in the Alps in 1991, correspond to traditional acupuncture points, which may indicate a wider health care practice at the time.”

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