Twin Commander pilot completes pole-to-pole around-the-world trip

From November: “Twin Commander pilot departs on a pole-to-pole flight”

Today: He’s back!

Robert DeLaurentis did this trip in a 1983 Twin Commander, N29GA (made by Gulfstream at the time! Compare to the latest G700 if you want to see how inequality has grown and how much richer the richest rich bastards are today!), pulled by two Garrett/Honeywell TPE331 engines (jet engines that spin propellers, i.e., turboprops).

Navigating the coronapanic restrictions turned out to be more challenging than navigating the globe/poles.

One thought on “Twin Commander pilot completes pole-to-pole around-the-world trip

  1. “As Robert entered downwind for Gillespie field, he shut down both engines of the Commander and executed a loop and an eight-point hesitation slow roll before turning crosswind and final. Afterwards he claimed a ghost had entered his body and performed the maneuvers.”

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