4 thoughts on “Solar electricity at 1.35 cents/kWh in Abu Dhabi

  1. Yup, the Green New Deal has been in temporary hibernation for the past six months because of coronaplague and the uncomfortable reality that the Senate is still controlled by godforsaken Republicans. It has also been inconvenient that a major hurricane hasn’t yet hit the U.S. mainland. It’s hard to generate the buzz without the wall-to-wall catastrophe news coverage.

    Where I live, however, there are more than a few people who lost power for several days (including me) in the aftermath of tropical storm Isaias. Big trees came crashing down across power lines everywhere around us. Connecticut was really walloped and some people had no juice for more than a week. In New York, Cuomo was so angry at the power companies that he got on the radio and called for the utilities to refund customers’ money: if they can’t get the power back on right away after a big storm, they shouldn’t charge people. So the idea is to basically penalize power companies for storms (after all, they caused them!) and reduce their revenue whenever a big storm hits. Keep that up for a while and eventually they’ll go broke, and a New Order will be necessitated.

    After our power was restored, I stopped in to a local convenience store to buy a few necessities. The conversation between the clerks behind the register all centered on fear of the rest of this hurricane season: “They say we’re going to run out of letters to name them. What are we going to do?” Well, I know what we’re going to do, because right after the storm there was a new push for the town to use some of its land to apply for a grant to install a solar field, and several people I know are now considering a switch to solar power in their homes.

    Right now there are two competing visions for land use where I live: growing marijuana or installing solar power, both with some mix of subsidized housing for seniors. In the next year I expect the voters here to figure out which one wins.

    Clearly, people are tired of the status quo here in Massachusetts, because our policy of decommissioning fossil power plants has created a crisis. And a crisis is the best time to act!


    Get your AOL Green New Deal posters!


  2. ah so you deny climate science as well as, well every other kind you make insane claims about, que surprise.

    • Believing that Asian and German engineering can pull CO2 out of the atmosphere is “denying climate science”? With almost-free (almost-)carbon-free power, thanks to the clever folks in Japan and China who are behind these Abu Dhabi solar plants, it should be possible to drive the Earth’s atmosphere into any configuration desired at a fairly modest cost. I can believe in American scientists as leaders in generating panic and simultaneously believe in Asians and Germans as likely to provide required solutions, no? Where is the contradiction in holding these two beliefs?

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