Massachusetts has at least two simultaneous public health emergencies

The First Amendment rights of young people to assemble, go to school, work, socialize, travel, etc. have been suspended or eliminated due to the coronavirus public health emergency declared by the governor here in Maskachusetts.

Recently, however, I learned that we’re in the midst of a second public health emergency. From “Massachusetts Municipal Leaders Pledge to Take Action on Systemic Racism”:

The municipal leaders agreed on five shared principles:

We agree that systemic racism is a public health emergency, which must be addressed by strong and decisive actions over the coming weeks and months, and by patient and determined efforts years into the future. We are in this now; we are in it for the long haul.

In other words, in addition to the multi-year coronavirus “emergency”, there is a “long haul” “emergency” that will stretch “years into the future.”

Readers: What former Constitutional rights that survived corona-edicts can be eliminated to deal with this emergency?


  • When does coronaplague stop being an emergency? (July 6)
  • “Mass. Students, Kids in Day Care Must Get Flu Vaccine, DPH Says Amid Pandemic” (NECN): Students at Massachusetts schools from kindergarten up to universities, as well as children at least 6 months old in day care, must get the flu vaccine by the end of the year if they’re around others, health officials said Wednesday. The new requirement from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health comes amid the coronavirus pandemic, which public health experts have said could be exacerbated by the annual resurgence of the flu in the fall and winter. “It is more important now than ever to get a flu vaccine because flu symptoms are very similar to those of COVID-19 and preventing the flu will save lives and preserve healthcare resources,” said Dr. Larry Madoff, medical director of the DPH’s Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences, in a statement. (Why not prohibit alcohol if we are trying to save lives, instead of going door to door hunting for young people who are #Resisting flu shots?)

14 thoughts on “Massachusetts has at least two simultaneous public health emergencies

  1. I don’t even know what systemic racism is. Can a kind reader please define this so someone as stupid as me can understand what it is?

  2. Sam is it racist to be “anti-racist”? What if the system was created by a race that provides “racial outcomes” that are not great for their own race? Like in Baltimore, where the system was set up for the blacks yet the blacks call the system systemically racist because they feel they don’t do well under the system they created? The good news for me is I am probably a racist because I do not care about black lives matter.

  3. The never-ending “emergency” will end when American public will finally learn that the only way of negotiating with socialists is by extermination.

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