Banksy can sell anything except migrants

The British artist Banksy can sell almost anything, including a more-than-$1-million work that shreds itself as soon as purchased. We are informed that low-skill immigration makes a country richer and yet Banksy cannot sell the migrants that he has collected. See “Banksy’s migrant rescue boat stranded at sea with more than 200 on board” (Reuters):

A rescue boat funded by British street artist Banksy has issued urgent calls for help, saying it is stranded in the Mediterranean and overloaded with migrants who it has been unable to bring ashore.

The Louise Michel, named after a French feminist anarchist, started operating last week. It is trying to find a safe port for the 219 migrants it has picked up off the coast of Libya since Thursday.

Another said the boat was unable to move and “no longer the master of her own destiny” due to her overcrowded deck and a life raft deployed at her side, “but above all due to Europe ignoring our emergency calls for immediate assistance.”

The 30-metre long Louise Michel, a former French Navy boat daubed in pink and white, was bought with proceeds from the sale of Banksy artwork.

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4 thoughts on “Banksy can sell anything except migrants

  1. In the spirit of his self-shredding art, Banksy’s rescue ship should return rescued economic migrants directly to their home port. That would be performance art that could be appreciated by a mass audience.

    • Alex v. A: That is a good point, but even without the artist it is unclear why the migrants aren’t dropped off in the nearest port to wherever they are found. In this case, the 200+ migrants were found “off the coast of Libya”. Why aren’t they returned to safe dry land in Libya?

    • If I am in a raft off the coast of Florida, can I demand that whoever rescues me take me to the other side of the ocean, e.g., to Portugal?

  2. I used to watch a show about people on boats trying to disrupt jap whaling operations. The interesting thing was how inept the crew was. I imagine most liberals are not very good at sea mostly because it takes a certain amount of personal responsibility.

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