New York Tough at the U.S. Open

New Yorkers are afraid to let even a handful of spectators into the Arthur Ashe Stadium (capacity 23,771). Someone sitting by him/her/zir/theirself could contract coronavirus. When a group of Americans is fully stocked with an Abundance of Fear, how do they characterize themselves? The banners that cover the seats and ensure none of the tournament-affiliated folks can sit there read “New York Tough”.

[Why couldn’t they give free tickets to people who were previously hospitalized for COVID-19? NYC has many thousands of such folks and, so far, there is no evidence that they are catching the Only Disease That Matters (TM) for a second time.]

How about the rest of the messaging in the stadium? “Black Lives Matter”! A lot of the commercials also show that the people who play and/or are interested in tennis are primarily Black. For reference, here are the players who are collectively experts on Black American lives:

At the end of each match, the winner stands in front of a microphone wearing a surgical mask (freely touching it, exactly contrary to WHO recommendations) while answering questions from a masked official standing 10′ away.


5 thoughts on “New York Tough at the U.S. Open

  1. Interesting news for heli-geeks: the Hill HX50 helicopter. Founded by PhD MechE who worked for AgustaWestland, its been in development for 13 years, pre-orders Q4/20, production 2023. Single-turbine, 5 seats, quiet-tip blades, 140kt cruise, 700nm range, and looks sleeker than a Ferrari. I want to believe…

  2. Of course, McEnroe was married to Tatum O’Neil, and he’s older and more subdued now, used to life on the Upper West Side, so who knows?

    • @Scarlet Number:

      I actually do feel badly for both of them about the Universal Studios fire. I never really had any problem with Patty. This video was WAY overproduced, though. All the ridiculous costumes, etc. It would have been a much better minimalist video.

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