Time to love smokers again?

Strolling by the smokers’ ghetto outside one of our local airport’s FBOs made me wonder when it will be time to abandon our fanaticism regarding the occasional whiff of tobacco smoke. We are certain that any of our fellow humans may kill us with a breath of coronavirus. Why do we worry about the unpleasantness of someone smoking a cigarette 5′ from an exterior door versus 20′? Do we still need Mini-Mike Bloomberg’s 2011 ban on smoking in various outdoor places, such as beaches and parks?

Do we have the energy to fight the anti-smoking battle at the same time as the anti-coronaplague battle? When do we admit that we’re not as capable as Adolph Hitler and his loyal Germans and even they had trouble fighting on multiple fronts?

I’m not a smoker, but I’m now ready to welcome my smoking brothers/sisters/binary resisters with a hearty “You could be exhaling a lot worse!”

4 thoughts on “Time to love smokers again?

  1. There’s a very special place in Hell for Nazis. Connecting them with contemporary officials, however misguided, is an insult.

    • Before you pat yourself on the back for being a good citizen know that if you wear the mask you would have gone along with the ‘contemporary officials’ of Germany in the 30’s and 40’s.

  2. I lost my sense of smell with COVID, and it is slowly coming back. I actually appreciate the smell of cigarette smoke now.

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